President Xi Jinping Re: U.S. Forces Subic Bay


ATTN: Your Excellency President Xi Jinping, Sir and the Dear People of China:

Good Morning.


Your Excellency, we thank you once again for the gift of the Sinovac and its safe arrival.


As you are a busy man, we will as usual get right down to brass tacks.

Duterte claims US turning Philippines into an outpost |


The Kol Nidre is an efficient maneuver to be used against nations and their governments and without it stringent “bullying” takes its place in another form.


This Kol Nidre is a weapon which the Americans use without hesitation.


The American move their military in as Israel does with its bases in Palestine for both work as One.


Between Taiwan and the Philippines, the U.S. Navy and airforce intend upon cordoning off all Chinese activity and Trade from the Philippines as they are currently doing to the North Korean Government and peoples.


We cannot allow this to happen and yet the prospect of setting up a Smart City among those who live in huts with tin roofs just does not seem efficient.


We must not take their jobs away and all produce must be affordable to the least likely of inhabitants.


The northern part of the Philippines as you know, Your Excellency, is fertile farm land and we would still be agreeable in inviting China to accompany the Filipino farmers with green agricultural projects with the exception of animal farming.


Therein, would China need to assure the Philippines’ protection in cooperation with Filipino troops in our joint operation from the U.S. aggression.


Our joint cooperation is working well inasfar as the drug trade, gambling, and human trafficking is concerned, and of these successes are we well pleased.


Thank you for taking our hand in friendship and sharp tailoring of these atrocities, Your Excellency.


It is also working to the advantage of both the Philippines and China and the Silk Road, the trade-off of some of the islands for protection of the Western side of the Philippines by the Chinese Navy combined with the Filipino Navy, and it is important as much as we detest the act of “fishing” that all Filipinos are able to fill their stomach and be protected by the Chinese as well in these areas.


We have struck a deal with 40-60 China – Philippines with regard to the Oil and Gas in the sea which will remain for as long as imposition by the Americans and the UN desire it.

In addition the third Telecom at at 40-60 China - Philippine will be finally operational beginning in a months time. It was not the Chinese side which has held up the effort for the past two to three years.


Now this is our new proposal:


If China cordons off the Americans from Subic Bay so they cannot maneuver, they will eventually have to leave.


North and South Korea and Japan could cordon the U.S. Navy on the North Eastern corridor.


Submarines all along the waterline to the open sea.


Missles directed from ships and land at the U.S. fleets. CENTRAL ASEAN NATION


With Chinese soldiers surrounding Subic Bay with submarines and air force intact the Americans will not be able to bring in food supplies or water.


Their only way out will be to leave.


Then your forces, Your Excellency, will take their base on Subic Bay, not to interfere with the inhabitants there, as many of the Filipino fear, but rather to protect not only the strait between Taiwan and the Philippines, but the “Silk Road” on the Western side of the Philippines.


We trust we can come to some profitable and security arrangement to save the Silk Road and the safety of the Philippines within the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION.


We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you, the Chinese people and government a prosperous year in the Year of the Ox.


In representative of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the Good People of the Philippines.

As always do we remain,

Your friends,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World NATION