008. Duterte Wants People’s Opinion on VFA Abrogation

ATTN: President Duterte "Sir:"


Good Morning.

Duterte wants people’s opinion on VFA abrogation | Philstar.com



He earlier also claimed that the US is transforming Subic into a military base and that the Americans have stored “several” weapons in the Philippines.




Sir, as you fully recognize, those who come with weapons do not come in peace.
The Americans world-wide are known for their sanctions which kill people by slow starvation, and by killing with weapons, the inhabitants of any nation they prefer and as of yet they have not conquered the Philippines for the gas and oil,

and cannot do so without "weapons" dragging the Philippines into a hot war with China.


Note that the Americans threatened further sanctions against the European nations concerning the Russian pipeline Nordstream, and the European nations will not unite and use NATO against the American brutality because the EU bankers will not allow them.



"Duterte said the public can use the government hotline 8888 to air comments or objections to the VFA.


"Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Filipinos should know the consequences of the presence of American troops in the Philippines.


“What I heard from him (Duterte) yesterday (Feb. 24) was we will pay a high price for the presence of American soldiers and equipment here in the Philippines because once a shootout erupts between America and its enemies, Filipinos will surely be the first to die,” Roque said at a press briefing yesterday.


Roque said Duterte is aware that many Filipinos look up to the US – a treaty partner and traditional ally of the Philippines – but they should also understand the risks involved.


“They should be aware that their lives would be at risk if the Americans remain in our territory,” the Palace spokesman said in Filipino.



Mr. President, we thank the heavens that the Philippines has a President with all his senses intact and with an astute and brilliant mind.


You see, with 23 others sitting at a round table at the head of a nation all thinking the same as yourself,

there would be no American bases nor American weapons to upset the growing peacefulness of the Philippines or the entire CENTRAL ASEAN NATION.


If the people determine the wrong and dangerous move because of their being uninformed or ignorant of the real situation, then we will contact His Excellency President Xi Jinping whom the West has demonized through their own misinformation and equal ignorance,

for China's protection on behalf of the unified effort of the Republic of the Philippines and the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



In this wise you have listened to the people and will be protected in doing wisely so, but will not be accountable to the people for a decision in favour of Chinese protection of both the Philippines, the Silk Road, and indeed the Central Asean Nation.



You, Mr. President, will not stand alone.

As always do we remain,

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World NATION

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