ATTN: President Duterte "Sir:"

Good Morning.

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Now, Duterte can't decide on VFA abrogation; seeks public's opinion | Global News (inquirer.net)


Remember, His Excellency President Trump was working doubly hard at bringing all troops back home to America, but each step of the way he was blocked by his underlings much as you are blocked by those in the DOH and politicians pro-American stance,

they ones not at all recognizing the force of China and only recognizing instead the benefit to their own status and behind-the-scenes advantages to their own pocketbooks.


His Excellency President Donald Trump is at the moment incognito so it would not be wise in dealing with the Biden bandit who only carries out the Orders of the Deep State and its Industrial Military Complex of which money allotted to it this year we believe is in the late billions to trillions.

Also remember, the Americans are responsible many times for the setting off of weather calamities and then rush in to help in order to sustain a foothold on the Islands, as well as Japan and other nations.


Even Vietnam has told them to leave, Japan has told them to leave, and the entire CENTRAL ASEAN NATION has no longer for four years even invited them to the Summits.

The Mainstream media would have the people believe otherwise or at times just not reported upon it.

Their presence continues to provoke a hot war with China who is laying out the autonomous regions of and along the Silk Road.

Re: COVID-19

Sir, with relation to Health Minister Francisco Duque, how on earth can the numbers of cases be exacted when the PCR test kits show so many false positives but serve to also place nano-technology into the brain lining of the individual.


There is much recourse on this fear-based agenda inasmuch as experts of the opposite front who do not work against the good of the people, have heavily warned of the dangers of the tests as well as dangers of the deadly vaccines.

This is a depopulation Agenda and we all do understand that, so we, Sir, leave you with these questions:

Who among the people have seen the results of the Dengue Fever lawsuit against Sanofi Pasteur of France?

And here is the DOH Philippines fighting for even more deadly vaccines to shoot the people up with.

Do you, Mr. President, Sir, realise what is going to happen when the people become vaccinated and then paralyzed, deceased, or ill for life with noone to pay for the undertaker or their medical costs?


And who will then look after their families?

As soon as the people become "wise" and no longer buy into this fear-based agenda, watch globally how the DOHs' all pull back and say "cases are dropping."


The ordinary flu and cold have now been switched to be called COVID-19.

The fear factor continues to control the governments and now only "parts of the people of the nations."

Sir, now Heath Secretary wants at the same time to continue oral polio, rubella, and other vaccines of the children.

Where is Health Secretary Duque going to hide with all these upcoming malformities, new sicknesses and deaths on his plate to go with the deaths of Dengue Fever?

You do NOT vaccinate people who already have a healthy immune system for the vaccines today are not the vaccines of yesterday.

How far are you going to allow Health Secretary Francisco Duque to go with his agenda?

Health Secretary Francisco Duque is an outlet and agent for Big Pharma in its different counterparts.

Here we are directly referring to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Sinovac and Sputnik V we believe would be the safest for an immune system which needs no help.

It is reported that this so-called pandemic will last for another seven years, but that could only happen when the populace is infected with many strains of new illnesses given through vaccines.



Mr. President you "can" achieve a pristine cleaning of the bureaucracy and elected officials though the complete implementing of a new but Original system which we have given by "removing the majority from their positions,"

but the bureaucracy and elected officials has taken to their own advantage and cauterized it and renamed it as Federalism Cha Cha (Charter Change) keeping the rest of the blueprint or New Constitution, hidden from the people, because it is for the good of the People instead of the good of the bureaucrats' and elected officials' pocketbooks.

Without the Original System (Blueprint) the criminals will be back when and if (God forbid, after all your work), you step down.

We submit for your approval in its entirety, the papers once again.

The BLUEPRINT Philippines New Constitution Federalism Compatibility Mode Word : Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Thank you, Sir, for listening and once again inviting us to speak, and we wish you in keeping well.

As always do we remain attentive to each situation,

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World NATION