004: Mancharians, are extraterrestial reptilian races real?





Reni: We love all people, regardless what planet they are from. Why do they all look so different?  People on this planet call these visitors “reptilians” because they came in ships from other planets yet carry on their bodies reptilian-type features.


Mancharians: Reptiles indeed! As Aseans when they were brought  here by their forebearers; when the European race was brought here by their forebearers; the Africanis; the South American Aztecs, the Mayan, and Malaysians, the Eskimo, and the Native American Indians, to name just a few, were all brought to this earth by their forebearers, conceded to assist one another with reputable astonishment how many face features look similar yet so different and as the Native America Indians did not know what  to call the invaders, for the first to meet the Indians were the Japanese who did not invade, whilst the white Europeans did and took their land, the Native  American Indians called them White face and pale faced.

Who among you carries features like reptiles? That we would also be most interested in knowing. Perhaps you speak of the Arab jinn.


Reni: Among the people I know of living on this earth’s surface I know of no one with reptile skin and facial features. All I have seen so far is photographic illustrations produced by others which seem to indicate that some extraterrestrial looking like that exist.


Mancharians: This is inconclusive. Tell him to stop typing. Nonsense. All those cave-type dwellings with such facial features belong to an era where superstition was quite high and permeated the low-life or under evolved of that day.

As in the days of Egypt, heads of animals, and reptiles also, we suppose, were placed upon human bodies to depict the strong nature of the leader.

In what you now call as America, the first inhabitants also depicted themselves with which animal they felt would represent them, and this was done as soon as they were born and showed an inclination toward some animal, fish or fowl.

So was it the same with the people in the era of giant mammals and dinosaurs, hence, where no pictures of your day could be easily taken as those creatures lived in the far past of your centuries. Next question please.


Uthrania Seila: Thank you Mancharians. There will be no more questions for today.


 - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World