136. The Tyranny of Religion Upon The HUmanities (Quotes)




Quote from “More Word of the Day.”


Calvary reveals the seriousness of our sin and the vastness of God’s love.”


The story of Calvary reveals the epitome of selfishness as sane people are expected to adhere to the tradition of heathenism, eating the flesh and drinking blood of a HUman Being which no moral and ethical man, woman, or child would ask of another even in parable.


The people for centuries have been primed into supporting war efforts in the name of a man they named, Jesus, an ENLIGHTENED TEACHER of the HUmanities; engaging themselves in offerings and tithes from their empty pocketbooks readying themselves for war on a cause which never existed in the first place.


They became the world bankers sacrifice and stipend and were a write-off in HUman collateral.


And soldiers, left in the streets when they were of no more use to the one world establishment, which was put in place by the Hellions millenia ago at their invasion and occupation of this planet.


“Remember, what Christ did for you at Calvary,” they yell “and for His cause which is great are you not also willing to sacrifice your life for Him to bring others to the cross?” they stammer, while the world bank laughs at their stupidity.


But are the people stupid or just stupefied? Remember, it has been millennia, dear Ones, of brainwashing and with each new generation reborn again and again and again, they have been reborn right back into the same religious brainwashing; this includes the priests, ministers, and other religious clergy.


Within the universal principle and law there is no man, woman, nor child of whose karma or life experiences another will carry for them.


To think that any HUman being expects their neighbour, their family members, or an exceedingly upright HUman being to take the negative karma from seven billion people, and those having passed over into a new life which will be an appendix to the one they have just left, is the epitome of insanity and ridiculousness; for the charred remains of any burnt offering is akin to an abomination against universal principle and law.


When any man, woman, or child is taken and placed upon a pedestal (or cross in this case) that is when all HUmanity has been stripped from them making them into a new religion, and one more idol toward the collection of gold is founded.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a represenative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds