The Federation of Free Planets' Pathway to Paradise




  1. Internal Structure


a)     The national SECURITY PANEL consists of 12 men and 12 women per nation.


b)     The qualifications of these members are given under the link called “Qualifications.”


c)      All members are equal including their chairman or chairwoman.


d)     The panel regenerates from within, meaning each new member is chosen by themselves, using identical qualifications as described under “Qualifications” from the public in the event of a member’s death, incapacitation, or expulsion for inability to be of one mind with all. The 12x12 ratio must always be maintained.


e)     During the meetings, being seated around a round large table or a set of curved tables placed side by side into a large ring, each male member must be flanked by two female and vice versa. They must be seated alternately.


f)       Chairman rotation is not obligatory.



  1. Powers of the SECURITY PANEL


All powers of this Panel pertain to security only. All decisions by the SECURITY PANEL must be unanimous. The Panel’s powers are:


a)     To direct all security operations conducted by the wing of the armed national police force in charge of security only. Therefore the security wing of the armed police force is not accountable to the national government or its president, but to the SECURITY PANEL.


b)     The SECURITY PANEL directs and oversees all operations of the national military force.  (Revised January 31, 2016)


c)      The SECURITY PANEL has power to remove out of office any official holding either substantial or regular public trust who acts in contradiction to the spirit of oneness by undermining the paradisiacal economic environment of the people or is disruptive in conduct to the peace among people.


d)     The SECURITY PANEL appoints all officials into offices as holders of substantial public trust.  Their selections are for life until they choose to step out of office at their own discretion or become incapacitated in the opinion of the Panel. See under “Interpretations” to identity holders of the office of substantial public trust.


e)     The SECURITY PANEL will assure that no people living under the paradisiacal order will enjoy preferential status above that of the people as has been the case with family lines that were considered "royal."  Paradise has no "royals" living in them, only people living in a oneness of mind. (Revised January 31, 2016)



  1. Accountability of the SECURITY PANEL


Unlike any other person holding public office, the 24 members of the national SECURITY PANEL are accountable to the High Council of the Federation of Free Planets.  (Revised January 31, 2016)



  1. Identification of the SECURITY PANEL members


Each member of the SECURITY PANEL is given a badge of authority and an identifying feature on their clothing. The replacement of persons must accompany a document signed by all members stating reasons for dismissal from public office and be delivered by no fewer than three SECURITY PANEL members, showing their badges and being accompanied by one or more armed security police officers. No removal of persons from office will be accompanied by charges, trials or punishment, and no Panel’s decision is subject to an appeal.



  1. Security arrangements for large nation states or empires (Revised January 31, 2016)


It is impossible for one SECURITY PANEL alone to handle all security matters occurring in large nation states. In those cases the jurisdictions assigned to the Panel can be divided by geographic area and function.


a)     Dividing a national SECURITY PANEL in geographic areas of jurisdiction.


The Panel has the power to divide the nation’s land mass into two halves of approximately equal size using provincial or state boundaries. One half it retains for itself and the other half is then assigned to a newly created Panel appointed by themselves, where each new member is subjected to the screening process under ”Qualifications”. Should the two newly created areas still be too large to manage, then a further division of geographic area, using the same procedure, becomes necessary. No Panel has the right to divide the nation or a zone up into more than two geographic areas at a time. All such decisions by the Panel must be unanimous.


b)     Dividing a national SECURITY PANEL by function.


The moment a nation state or large empire is out of necessity compelled to begin dividing its land mass into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more zones, it becomes necessary for the very first established SECURITY PANEL to also divide its function. The two functions are:


(1)  to direct the operations of the armed wing of the security police force, and direct the military.


(2)  To assign qualified persons into offices of substantial public trust, and to remove persons holding either substantial or regular public trust where removal is warranted.


In that case, upon the first division of a nation state into two zones, the fallout from that division will result in three SECURITY PANELS of 24 members each. Two Panels would look after jurisdiction (2) described as a “function” and one Panel would focus its attention unencumbered by other responsibilities on jurisdiction (1), also described as a “function”.


No official holding an office of substantial public trust has the right of access to any national SECURITY PANEL except for the solicitation of advice. (Revised January 31, 2016)



          6.  The Power of Dissolution


Just as a SECURITY PANEL has the power to divide its jurisdictions in half by creating new Panels, so does it have the power to dissolve itself where the workload no longer justifies its existence. This however must only be done in agreement with another Panel which is willing to take over the additional work load left behind by the outgoing one. When the number of SECURITY PANELS is back down to one per nation, no further dissolution is allowed.



7.    Redundancy of National Elections


The presence of a national SECURITY PANEL and its powers makes national, provincial, state & civic elections unnecessary as persons are being selected into positions of substantial public trust.



8.    Tools of the SECURITY PANEL


ALL SECURITY PANEL members are expected to keep themselves informed of what is going on in the country. Their resources are technically unlimited:

a)     information gleaned by intelligence agencies.

b)     Information gleaned by the armed security police force.

c)      Radio, television, newsprint information and books, i.e. “Secret Societies,” etc.

d)     complaints filed by the public

e)     regular contact with officials chosen by the Panel.

f)       regular contact with officials holding regular public trust.

g)     the internet,


No Panel member is to be kept on a “leash” in the responsible execution of his or her duty. Unlimited travel must be allowed. No person or agency has the right to withhold information demanded by a SECURITY PANEL member.


All members of any Panel have the right to unlimited communication with any other panel member anywhere in the world. Internal communication among members via internet is encouraged. All members have the right to armed guards for protection if they feel that is necessary.



9.    Conflict Resolution


In the event of a deadlock at any SECURITY PANEL, the issue can be brought before myself for conflict resolution. This move must not be considered a threat to Panel members holding a dissenting voice. A person’s conscience we respect.


We discern between a natural difference of opinion and the abandonment of a spirit of oneness.


No member is obligated to go against his or her best discernment of what is right or wrong when a certain path of action is under consideration.


Conflict resolution can also be attained through the liberty each Panel member has to consult with any other Panel or member anywhere in the world. There will be no restriction on flow of information from one Panel to another. No Panel is an island all by itself. No mission or initiative any member embarks on will be considered a waste of time or effort. It will be looked upon as a “labour of love” in the best interest of the people.



10.                      Limitations to the Power of a National SECURITY PANEL


a)     No surveillance will be permitted within the confines of a private home. Surveillance of telephone calls (wireless or land) will not be considered an encroachment on privacy to persons placed under it, even if  made from a private home.


b)     No SECURITY PANEL may dictate any form of punishment or restrictions on individuals caught in the dragnet of surveillance. A Panel’s power of removing persons out of offices of public trust is not considered a form of punishment.


c)      No Panel has authority outside of its own designated zone of jurisdiction. It may not interfere with decisions made by officials holding offices of substantial public trust except give notification of its disagreement. Its only power of interference is the potential removal of those officials if it deems it necessary. Any Panel may pass on advice to a leader if asked to do so, however the advice must be based on the Panels’ unanimity.



11.                      The SECURITY PANEL vis-à-vis the Armed Security Wing of the National Police Force.


a)     The Panel issues mandate and guidelines for all aspects of security surveillance to the police force and their agents, including directives to the bearing of arms or that of non-lethal weapons.


b)     The Panel will select leading officers for only one level into the hierarchy of the security police as well as that of the regular police force in accordance with requirements as outlined under “Qualifications.”


c)      Police personnel below the first level of hierarchy will be selected under “Qualifications” requirement by the lead officer who was selected by the Panel.


d)                 The Security Police Force are given the highest state-of-art surveillance equipment and training, and has the right of choice to give notice of surveillance on individuals and groups or not. This freedom is for the purpose of fairness to persons under surveillance balanced with a public’s right to effective surveillance.


e)                 Individuals caught in an attempt of undermining the economic order of paradise by means of plotting in secrecy and found in organizing armed insurrection against the new order must be handed over into military custody where I will consult with my generals, and we will then decide on all matters of justice for them.



12.                      The SECURITY PANEL vis-à-vis the Military


a)     No general is under obligation to obtain permission to use deadly force when attacked by surprise, or if he has reliable information leading them to pockets of armed revolt against the order of paradise. The latter requires a detailed report back to the SECURITY PANEL, and a  copy of the report must go to myself.


b)     The Panel will assess military strength requirements and make adjustments as required.


c)      The Panel will decide on the type of weapons eligible for deployment.


d)     The Panel will order the dismantling or destruction of all mini nukes, A-bombs, H-bombs, chemical weapons, biological weapons, depleted uranium ammunitions and bombs, daisy cutter bombs, cluster bombs, and land mines as soon as global consensus among all SECURITY PANELS world wide has been obtained. The dismantling of this hardware will occur simultaneously.



13.                      Initial Assignment from the SECURITY PANEL


In all likelihood a SECURITY PANEL’s main work load will consist of guiding and directing the affairs of the armed wing of the national police force in charge of security and surveillance. Initially I want the SECURITY PANEL to instruct surveillance on...


(Items deleted. To be resolved when the time will come) 




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