authored by

Reni Sentana-Ries, 2006 A.D.

Revised Intro

Revised Introduction to the Global Agenda (2016)

The Global Agenda describes the pathway into the order of paradise for this planet. This subject is delicate and must therefore also be handled with utter discipline simply because it will impact all people.

I am in opposition of a violent revolution, for our aim in effecting a transition into the New Era is not the bloodshed of anyone, whether rich or poor. All benefits of the new order of paradise must therefore flow to all equally and without distinction, and its pathway does not need to be marred by violence as one would expect in a revolution.

The presentation here is not complete, but it contains elements sufficient in number for all to understand that changes will be made which will benefit all in a positive manner.

My role is that of a counsellor, and it stands to reason that the foundation for that office must be one of recognition by all who wish to work with me. In the end everyone who wishes to participate will agree with the fundamentals of this plan and its pathway. They will therefore understand that we are seeking the best interests for all people everywhere without distinction of race, creed, colour, or location. All violence of the present among people must stop, and all embargoes to an orderly flow of goods and services to all people must end in order for all hardship on anyone to discontinue.

In this "Global Agenda" I am speaking with all military generals as their advisor, counsellor, commander or Commander in Chief, depending on the topics at hand during our meetings. They will be people who choose to work with me in returning a paradise for all.


Original Introduction to the Global Agenda (2006)


I am not running a democracy here! This is dictatorship at its finest. You will execute my orders or step aside for someone who will, for TO YOU THEY ARE THE LAW! You are now accountable to me and I will be the link to assure your accountability back to the people. I in turn report to the High Council of the Federation of Free Planets which has decreed that this mission must not fail. The effect of our success will go far beyond this planet, and I therefore trust no one except myself with an assignment of this magnitude.


I have said I am your Counsellor. That is so, but now I am also your General and Commander in Chief, and in that sense all issues raised here have become a military operation. If you have gained power over the affairs of your nation through the process of elections and implement my orders I want you to remain in your office until you elect to step down at your own volition. If you have been democratically elected and refuse to implement the laws of this agenda, you must step aside for one who will. And in no wise will I permit any one to use religion or tradition as an excuse for failing to implement any of the matters spelled out in this agenda. You will recognize whether issues raised here apply to you and your nation, and you are at liberty to correct ills of similar nature at your own initiative. Surround yourself with a team of likeminded men and women, and your people will love you in return for your collaboration with me. Prepare for my first visit to you by having a SECURITY PANEL ready for me to meet with. The agenda itself will be released in manageable steps when I am out of this jail and can be back on internet.


* * *

Introduction to Agenda Item 1

Agenda Item 1: The Lion of Judah is also the Commander in Chief

Agenda Item 2: All Gold Must Turn to Dust!

Agenda Item 3: The Military Siege on the Money System Begins

Agenda Item 4: Debt Cancellations Begun

Agenda Item 5: Paradise Restored!

Agenda Item 6: Rights and Limitations of Ownership vis-à-vis Property Under Public Trust

Agenda Item 7: A New Emblem for the Militaries

Agenda Item 8: Will Uthrania Become the Heiress to the British Throne?

Agenda Item 9: Honour Restoration on Saddam and Osama

Agenda Item 10: To the Leaders of the Government of China

Agenda Item 11: Judgment Day has finally arrived! (Part One)

Agenda Item 12: Judgment Day has finally arrived! (Part Two)

Agenda Item 13: To the Deputies of the Attorney General of Alberta

Agenda Item 14: Horst Gotowik

Agenda Item 15: Canada’s Court System Under Investigation

Agenda Item 16: Taxation Outrage

Agenda Item 17: And the Books Are Being Opened…!

Agenda Item 18: Where do the Jews fit in at the End of This Age? (Part One)

Agenda Item 19: Where do the Jews fit in at the End of This Age? (Part Two)

Agenda Item 20: The Document of Infamy Goes Up in Flames as it Should!

Agenda Item 21: The People’s Judgment on the Bible

Agenda Item 22: On Media Slander Against My Person

Agenda Item 23: Afghanistan Has a Bright Future Under a New Taliban!

Agenda Item 24: The Lion of Judah Seeks an Ally Coming From Israel



Introduction to Agenda Item 1


To all military generals of the United States of America and all generals or military commanders from all nations of the world do I speak now: Although I have written items 1 to 3 as distinctly separate packages, they, as best as you can, must be implemented simultaneously. “Why?” you may ask. BECAUSE THE ONES WHO CONTROLLED MONEY AND GOLD OF THE PAST ARE THE SAME WHO ALSO CONTROLLED THE ATOMIC BOMBS OF THE PRESENT, AND THE MOMENT YOU ATTEMPT TO WRESTLE THE POWER OF MONEY AND GOLD AWAY FROM THEM IS THE TIME THEY WOULD WISH TO TAKE THE WORLD DOWN WITH THEM. DON’T LET THEM! BE UNITED!! 


On their tombstones I want you to place the following mandatory inscription: “Only the stars in their wisdom gain prudence to rule over us, for we are the epitome of their glory.”  I also want you to secure all H-bombs they placed in tectonic fault lines.



Agenda Item 1: The Lion of Judah is also the Commander in Chief


My first item goes to all military generals of the United States and for the time being also of Russia. I herewith put the Army, Navy and Air Force and all their personnel on notice that today (October 8, 2006) I am assuming control over your forces as your Commander in Chief. This office therefore no longer belongs to the current President of the United States nor to that of the presidency of Mr. Putin of Russia. The transition of power is official and immediate, and will become visible to the world when you generals follow my orders after your introduction into the contents of this site, and after you interpreted the signature to my authority correctly: “Conspiracy Corrupt Unfolded” is completed, and now I want you to “Listen to Me, General!”, I am your Chief Commander! And I want you to bring the boys home out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and if the power brokers of Rumsfeld and Co. don’t like it, arrest them when you get home. And tell them from me: “The nonsense is over!” Tell your troop to stop the persecution of Osama bin Laden, and when he comes out of hiding, for heaven’s sake, keep him safe! Also bring Saddam with you when you leave Iraq to make sure he is safe. Seila and I wish to meet with both of them. Saddam we will take back to Iraq ourselves. This is not a coup, for you still are under my command. It is a mere shift of power from the incompetent and irresponsible to the competent and responsible. Your compliance I will report back to the High Council of the Federation of Free Planets, and they will honour you for it. Your next assignment will be at home, which will not cost the blood of your men! Agenda items beyond 24 I will release when I get out of this prison they keep me in.


One more thing: Do you remember Marvin with his big motorcycle from 1995 in Arizona? He loved the soup I made him and could not get himself to do the deed. Good man that he is! He still had a heart! Say hello to him from us the next time you see him. We should have followed his advice to get out of there sooner. Oh, and don’t forget to surround the Pentagon building with your forces just in case there are folks in there trying to give you trouble. Wherever you generals go when back in the United States, be seen surrounded by loyal armed troop, and make it a priority to knock at the office doors to all chiefs of police and security forces throughout the country. If anyone of them think that what you do is unconstitutional and indictable, and that you should be arrested for what you are doing, then relieve them from their posts and find someone among them who is still level-headed. Just don’t put up with nonsense any more.


I also want them to tell you what they have done with our personal belongings which Seila, our son Sean and I in 1996 were forced to leave behind in Tempe, when we had to flee the country back into Canada penniless. Jim Lawless knows all about that.


While you are talking to the agents there, please let them tell you as well to whom the treasure of gold coins belongs that was carted away from the Bank of Nova Scotia out from underneath the rubble of one of the towers in New York in 2001. That’s all for now. Be dismissed.



Agenda Item 2: All Gold Must Turn to Dust!


Well done, Generals! This next assignment is for you as well. It must be executed in synchrony with all military generals of NATO, Australia, Israel and Russia. Tell Israeli IDF Commanders, that if they consider non-compliance with this operation, you will direct your guns at them. I have given the Jewish people a guarantee of safety, however, as with anything, that guarantee is conditional upon their cooperation with the new order we are now setting up for the people of this world.


Of all affected nations it is mandatory that a possible objection by their political leaders be overruled, and tell the Generals to remove any leader or president who will not cooperate. That is my order. Also have the Generals identify whether the leaders’ cooperation is sincere or faked and agreed to grudgingly. Those leaders I want also removed out of  power and replaced by ones suited for the job we are doing. Russia is bit of a special case in that I hope to retain President Putin as an ally. I need him for some future work there. Should he however object to what I want his military generals in Russia to do next, who are now under my command as well, then they must remove him from power at my order. And tell them this order to compliance comes from the former Czar of Russia who was assassinated after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. They should be able to make a connection there.


Now, this is what I want done in as much synchrony as is physically possible throughout the United States, NATO countries, Australia, Israel, known offshore banking centers and Russia: In all affected nation states I want all known and unknown gold storage warehouses, like Ft. Knox, etc. identified and surrounded by tanks, armoured vehicles, and troop. I want all shipments of gold among storage centers halted, and all gold reserves secured, with release of gold only where required by the computer industry or other industrial applications. Shipments of gold to the industry out of these warehouses I want tightly controlled in that quantities ordered must be a true reflection of industrial consumption and consumer needs. The gold itself will be free of charge except for shipping costs, I however expect to see industry pass the benefit of cost savings on to their consumers. This global military siege around gold will last until I say otherwise. Central and South American countries, African countries, South East Asian countries, etc., are all obligated to participate in synchrony with this operation should they be able to identify gold storage facilities of similar kind in their own countries. Do not allow either leader or banker to starve the military of its cash in consequence of this action. Take charge of this matter also. That is all. Be dismissed for now.



Agenda Item 3: The Military Siege on the Money System Begins


The next operation, Generals, is similar to agenda item two. Here again you must effect the cooperation of all other military generals throughout the same nations as before.


I want all central banks everywhere surrounded by military hardware like tanks, armoured vehicles, troop, etc. They must include those of the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, IRS headquarters, Revenue Canada head quarters and branches, mortgage companies, finance companies, credit card companies, and whatever else collects taxes and issues credit translating into debt for the people. Their smaller branches, of which there are very many, only require a small contingent of armed troop each. Initially this siege on the financial establishment will not result in interference to access by the public. Permit business as usual unless I say otherwise. However monitor the transactions of large sums of money aimed at undermining your own interests as a well funded force. Assure your own financial needs for the military as a first priority before any other consideration. Your financial platform must remain secure at all times. Arrest officials immediately who are found in efforts to starve the military of cash.


In conjunction with this action I want all known national and international bankers arrested, including all bank presidents world wide, and placed in custody where they will be held and treated like any other inmate. They shall however not be charged and tried for their crime of operating a global conspiracy by reason of the fact that all governments legitimized and condoned this activity, which I call high treason against the people. They shall however be stripped of all properties they have stolen with their money trick, including all gold they claim, removed from all mansions they live in with their families, and shall be put under replicated shelters to what Seila and I were forced to live in while in Two Hills, Alberta. They and their posterity may never hold positions of public trust, and the surveillance on them shall be permanent, except in the privacy of their own hovels. They will be allowed to upgrade the shelters by themselves, but not expand on the size of  either of the two buildings. Wood stoves is all they may have for heat. Their mobility shall be restricted to the equivalent of one tank of gasoline per week, and they shall be under a permanent travel ban identical to the effect their money had on ourselves. I also want them locked into a work program for 8 hrs/day except for weekends. This arrangement shall apply to not only national and international bankers, but to all elite which I will identify. The insiders of the Bilderbergers I want arrested and the Elders of Zion hunted as Osama is.


The arrival of military forces around these financial institutions will signal to all governments world wide that from that date on there shall be no more payments made on national, state, provincial, municipal, city, town, school and hospital debts. I want all public debt falling under these categories erased and corresponding savings passed on to the people in tax reductions or improvements on services to the people. I will give the people 30 days or less to observe the effects from these cancellations. Then I will announce new ones and permit them observation for perhaps another 30 days. During these 60 days I want an intense information campaign begun, making the people understand that the objective of these measures is to phase out the use of all currency, and that thereafter their contribution in maintaining an orderly flow of goods and services is mandatory in return for having free access to basic essentials of life in housing, clothing, food, transportation, consumer goods, etc., as all cash tills and ATM’s will be removed and all banks closed permanently. Tell the people that discipline will make it work for the good of all. I want the people to understand that access to consumer goods is both, a right, but also a privilege. A right in the sense that access cannot be denied without valid reasons, and a privilege in the sense that it cannot be demanded where supplies are limited or the distribution is unfair to others. People must continue to work, the trains must keep rolling, power plants must not be shut down, factories must keep producing, farmers continue to plant and seed, houses must be built as needed, cars must be repaired by mechanics, and the refineries must continue to make fuel for cars, trucks, locomotives and airplanes. And all of the above requires people to display reliability in performing all these tasks as though they were paid. I want them to learn from bees and ants. Where guidance is required, government officials will provide it and assure an orderly function of the liberated economic apparatus. I thank you for your attention, Generals. You are now dismissed.



Agenda Item 4: Debt Cancellations Begun


Roughly 30 days have passed, and you will have found the impact on your pocket books not to be overwhelming in that short space of time.


Hello, Generals, I am back to solicit your welcomed cooperation on the next pleasurable assignment which will result in a more dramatic impact on the spending power of the people. Your mission in this is to act as enforcers  in demanding the cooperation of all banks and lending institutions. Non-compliance is not an option:


I demand from all banks and lending institutions, i.e. national banks, private banks, international banks, mortgage companies, finance companies, credit card companies, and tax collection enters, including any money institution I may have missed here, to inform in writing the entire spectrum of their clientele of debtors, that all outstanding portions of their debts have been cancelled back to zero. This covers the full range of balances on corporate loans, business loans, personal loans, farm debts, credit card balances, mortgages, outstanding tax balances, and fines. I herewith also put the people on notice that by my authority they are no longer obligated to make monthly payments on these debts. I will closely observe the effect this measure has on the economy, draw my conclusions from that observation, and will decide the timing for the next step. I want the banking institutions however to confirm to you Generals that all their customers have been notified by mail of all debt cancellations. That is all, my friend. Be dismissed.



Agenda Item 5: Paradise Restored!


Hello, everyone! You will have noticed an enormous increase in purchasing power combined with a dramatic reduction  in cost to goods and services. Yet I hope it will not have escaped your attention that all this apparent prosperity and wealth has still not reached the destitute and homeless. There still are pockets of poverty and despair in the midst of all this abundance. If the beneficiaries of debt relief are found only among those who have property BECAUSE they played the system “smartly” and in the end came out ahead when I wrote off their debts, then how has it blessed the homeless, the destitute and poor? Not at all, unless they are granted access to more soup kitchens or better cots to sleep on under the night sky. Ridiculous! This situation is an insult to the intelligence of man! When costs approach zero and purchasing power becomes infinite, we have imbalance, and not inflation, where those endowed with money lay exclusive claim on production, leaving out others that have no money still without access to the comforts of life! In other words: the appearance of prosperity has still not resolved the reality of poverty!


Now, Generals, this situation I want ended at midnight February 28, 2007. From March 2007 on there shall be no more money in circulation world-wide!! I want all businesses to remove their cash tills, ATM machines, I want the banks closed, insurance companies disbanded, tax collection centers shut down and recycle bins provided for the people to drop their cash off at. From then on we will build shelters for the  poor that gives them dignified living, and they won’t have to worry about utility bills, rent bills, and property tax invoices rolling in. They can then finally go to the supermarket and come home with healthy food to eat they never could afford before. And therein the man living in a mansion is not better off than his brother who the night before slept on a wooden bench exposed to elements of sleet and snow.


Money and gold have been the curse to all nations for thousands of years, and once that system of economy became entrenched, the people were ensnared and unable to free themselves from its evils. They simply did not know how, for others who profited from its presence would never agree to its abolition. This time, people, you regained paradise without the shedding of blood. But be prepared to shed the blood of anyone who ever would dare rob you of it again.


What I have done for you this time I will never do again. I did not enjoy it. I lost the sympathy of friends and family members over this issue. The pathway to this accomplishment was full of rocks with sharp edges cutting my feet along the way. But spurned on by the need to make up for my failure to seek the welfare of the Russian people as the mightiest man of the Empire, I resolved to never let the people down again.


We are not finished yet, however. More work lies ahead. That’s all, General. Go now, you are dismissed, and have fun with the boys target shooting on ATM machines.



Agenda Item 6: Rights and Limitations of Ownership vis-à-vis Property Under Public Trust


With the disappearance of money an adjustment must be made to the traditional perception of ownership rights. For instance Mr. Bill Gates owns and operates Microsoft. He is also the General Manager of the company. It gives him the right to arrange the labour force within as he sees fit and the right to exchange old, outdated and worn production machinery and replace it with new, more reliable and faster machines. When the time comes that he wishes to retire, he divests himself of the company and seeks an activity in life which would give him greater satisfaction and more pleasure than running Microsoft. Now, the word “divest” has several meanings: to “sell off” does no longer apply, for there is no money for him to receive in exchange. The meanings we are looking for is to “deprive”, “dispossess”, “free”, or “rid.” “Dispossess” or “free” would be most fitting in Mr. Gates’ case. And here he would have two choices: he can either locate a competent man or woman from within or outside of his organization, or place his company on a government-run bulletin board, where officials would then look for a suitable person in his stead. The right Mr. Gates does not have is to send all employees home and tell the fire department to burn his buildings down with all the equipment in it. When he decided to “divest”, his company became property of public trust. There lies the limitation of his ownership right.


By the same token let’s assume Mr. Gates lives in a mansion. His ownership right is to live there for as long as it pleases him. Should he ever come to conclude the place is too big for him to look after and keep clean and tidy, again, he has two options. He can either find someone himself whom he trusts to enjoy and look after it, or let an official from the government do it for him by listing his property on a public bulletin board as – not “for sale”, but being “vacant” or “available”. The officials then in turn would in a responsible manner look for a new “owner” with ability to enjoy his mansion by keeping it neat and tidy and always in a good state of repair. If Mr. Gates then cannot locate a bungalow suitable for him by himself among those advertised by other owners as “available”, then he should search through the listings kept up to date by officials from government and perhaps find a residence suitable to his liking in size and location, either “new” or “previously owned.” Either way, both, his company and home temporarily became “properties under public trust.”


I have a preferred auto mechanic by the name of “Mike.” I saw him struggle building up his own automobile repair shop, and he succeeded because he is good at what he does and rips no customers off. If Mike prefers to run and operate the auto repair bays at Canadian Tire instead, because that position is advertised on a bulletin board as being “available” and more attractive to him, then he owes it to his clients to find a replacement for his small shop or put it up on a board as being “available.” Since the impact of a possible closure of his “business” on the general public is not severe, unlike that of Mr. Gates’ “business,” Mike could also close his shop, and give his hoists and equipment away to someone else who has a purpose for it. And in that manner life goes on under more relaxed and enjoyable conditions than having to worry about invoices, paperwork, debts, accounting, utility bills, tax collectors, lawyer fees and profit considerations. A first step of entry into paradise has been taken, giving all a mere taste of much more glorious things to come.


Mr. Bill Gates as well as Oprah Winfrey are billionaires with class, two that I respect. They have been tested and found worthy of being with a full right to the enjoyment of their wealth. So I wish to honour them both with a quotation out of Sirach, written in Hebrew by a man whose name was Joshua. Keep in mind that as you read what Joshua 2200 years ago wrote about money, Mr. Gates and Oprah Winfrey passed the test!


(Quote) “Worrying about money will make you lose weight and lose sleep. Worrying about business will keep you from sleeping just as surely as a serious illness does. Rich people work hard to make a lot of money; then they sit back and live in luxury. Poor people work hard and have nothing to show for it, and when they rest, they are still poor. No one who loves money can be judged innocent; his efforts to get rich have led him into sin. Many have been ruined because of money, brought face to face with disaster. Money is a trap for those who are fascinated by it, a trap that every fool falls into.


“A person who gets rich without sinfully chasing after money is fortunate. Do you know anyone like that? If so, we will congratulate him for performing a miracle that no one else has ever been able to do. If anyone has ever passed this test, he can be well proud. Has anyone ever known that he could get away cheating someone, and not take advantage of it? If so, he deserves his wealth and everyone will praise him for his generosity.” (End quote).


Mr. Gates and Lady Oprah, we congratulate you both. You are two that have passed the test!



Agenda Item 7: A New Emblem for the Militaries


Hello, Generals, it is I again, Reni, your friend and Commander in Chief. When we shall meet in person for the first time I will give you a beautiful emblem which I want you to display on every piece of moving hardware belonging to the Army, Navy, and Air Force. I am not interested in dismantling your forces, and you shall from here on out never be known to fire a single shot in unwarranted aggression, and the emblem you proudly carry with you around the globe, bearing my name, shall inspire confidence to all people who see it, that you are there as invincible guardians of their new-found happy lives under the economic order of paradise. Your forces will have the honour to bear it first, for you heeded my call to accept me for your Commander in Chief, however down the road of perhaps only a short time hence, other military forces around the world may wish to adopt it as well and signal to you their union with you as guardians of the people’s happy lives.


Your mandate to shed blood, though, has not ended, and never will, seeing that you at times may be required to use deadly force in the defence of the true and newly established liberty of the people. There will be zero tolerance from here on out for anyone plotting and scheming in secrecy to effect a fall from paradise into yet another era of tyranny through money and gold. This is where your guns come into the picture to settle all such matters of what from here on out will be called “high treason.” Paradise can only be shielded by strength and superiority combined. You may never have to fire a single shot again until time comes for evacuation into better ships than you travel on now. But your presence is needed to keep the foe at bay who is still lurking around in many nations’ back yards, including that of your own.


Thank you for your attention. And  oh, for heaven’s sake, rechristen some of your ships that are still named after political war mongers from the past. Also see if you can find some nicer names than calling some of your flying contraptions “Predator” or “Dominator.” Perhaps you can in the future take the aggressive ring out of names you assign to your equipment. Have a good day. You are now dismissed.




Agenda Item 8: Will Uthrania Become the Heiress to the British Throne?


Good Morning, Generals. I almost forgot to ask of  you this one small thing: Please contact Queen Elizabeth of the Royal House of Windsor, Queen of the British Commonwealth, and ask her whether she has any objections to the idea of my wife Seila becoming the heiress to the Throne she now occupies, should Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries not object. She does not know yet that I asked. A few years ago Seila said “No!” to the idea when it came up and suggested “Let Saddam have it!” Now, Saddam definitely may not want it, I think. Tell the Queen from me, that her Throne will become empowered again, for I want the figurehead nonsense over there gone. But should the Queen not like my idea then she must be prepared, endowed with real power this time, to continue on her throne, to rule the British Empire by herself with an heir or heiress of her own choosing in the waiting subject to only very few restrictions imposed on her by myself. That is all, Generals. You are dismissed for now.



Agenda Item 9: Honour Restoration on Saddam and Osama


Hello, Generals. On a lighter note I need to tell you what happened a few years ago. Saddam paid us a visit for several reasons, and on that occasion was also trying to teach me to walk like a king. So before heading over to a restaurant he showed me how to do it right, and my, was he good at it, walking in his familiar majestic style! Yet no matter how hard I tried, he was never pleased with my gait. So, finally after several vain attempts he gave up saying: ”You are not a king. You are a leader!” And from then on the issue never came up again.

When you are back on your way home from Iraq and he tells you he can’t remember having been in Canada in 1998, don’t worry, among the starships elite important issues get done regardless of constraints by space and time.


Osama on the other hand has a hard time trusting you any more. The only way you can get  him to come out of hiding, I think, is for your men to go into the mountains of Afghanistan with a placard in one hand and a megaphone in the other, yelling into the echoing mountain valleys: “Osama, Czar of the Russian Empire! We mean you no harm! You can come out now! Reni wants to speak with you………speak with you………..speak with you!”


Generals, put yourselves into his shoes! The broken trust from earlier days of collaboration, and then have that most powerful military force of the world turn against him, relentlessly hunting him for years like the playboys of Britain hunt the fox! Who can blame him should he continue to play hard-to-get. This time around you will have to give him solid proof of your sincerity. I think he will only come out when at the appointed time and location he sees me flanked by yourselves. So put your pictures on the net so he knows what you Generals look like. He would also want to see some Russian Generals there with us, all standing and waiting side by side. Al Jazeera would be a good go-between for making the  necessary arrangements. I will assure him from statements on my own website that it will indeed by me in person waiting there with you and not a look-alike out of Hollywood. We’ll have the media waiting there with us. I will take the honour to greet him first. That is all, Generals. You can go now.



Agenda Item 10: To the Leaders of the Government of China


You will have noticed that no directive I have issued here I ever made compulsory to you and your people, and neither will I in the future. My mandate does not include China. Our own information on you indicates that your people will have their own guide. Whether at this time you have been able to identify who it is, I do not know. However when that individual comes forward, be kind to him or her, and place no barrier between that person and the people. He or she will be no threat to your power of rule over the people of China, but bear in mind that you and your people must be prepared for the upcoming global evacuation just as much as we ourselves must be. In my own writings on this website I have called the process of our people’s preparation a “reclamation.” Since the timing for the end of this world is the same for all of us, I strongly advise you to participate in scrapping your money system as well. You and your people cannot survive as an island left behind where money is still in use as a basis for the exchange of goods and services you call “trade.” My concern here is two-fold: a) you can no longer be paid for anything you export, and b) the survival of your people makes an uninterrupted flow of imports necessary for which you no longer can pay us, since our money has become obsolete. However in the absence of money at your end also, your economic needs for the future in terms of imported raw materials, etc. will remain met by merely listing them in the form of a “trade” or “demand” order similar to that of a purchase order. And conversely our claim on products manufactured by your people will likewise be stated in the form of a trade order. Your continued use of currency at home would severely conflict with the simplicity of all trade arrangements that are now possible among nations. You should have no difficulty to match the expiry date of currency in your country with that of our own. Have a good day, gentlemen.



Agenda Item 11: Judgment Day has finally arrived! (Part One)


2,400 years ago  I wrote into my own scroll the following words: (quote)


“….the message will be about the end of the world and the foundations (governments) of the world will understand that the voice is speaking about them. They will tremble and quake because they know that they will undergo a change when the end comes… The time is near when I will come to judge the people living on earth. I will punish those who have hurt others with their injustice… This age, which is about to pass away, will have the final seal put on it. Then I will give the following sign: the books will be opened across the sky for all to see (our books on internet). The hearts and minds of people on earth will be changed. Evil will be destroyed and deceit eliminated. Faith will grow strong, corruption will be overcome, and truth, which has not produced fruit for so long, will make itself felt again.” (End quote).


At the time Ezra was warned to “not be so quick to raise useless questions in the present age; then you will not be so quick to do so in the final age.” This was spoken with reference to the question-and-answer book called “The Mancharians’ Newest Civilization.”


And when, according to ancient prophecy, would “Judgment” come? Ezra wrote: (quote) “When you see that some of the signs I have told you about have appeared, you will know that the time has come when God Most High will bring judgment on the world he has created. There will be earthquakes, national rebellions (revolutions, insurrections), international intrigues (global conspiracies), unstable leaders (democracies, elections), and confused rulers (leaders who cannot understand why events unfold the way they do). When you (Ezra) see these things happening, you will know that they are what God Most High has spoken about since the beginning of creation.”  (End quote).


With reference to events radiating out of America into the world Ezra wrote: (quote) “You saw the angry lion (the holder of the High Office of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) come roaring out of the forest (shed his disguise) and you heard it speak to the eagle (the United States of America) and rebuke it for the evil it had done (see the article “Curse on America”) and for all that it had said (lies, deception, betrayals). The lion represents the Messiah whom God Most High has held back until the end. He will be a descendant of David (from the House of Judah) and will come to speak to the rulers. He will rebuke them for their wickedness, their sinfulness, and their contempt for God’s ways. While they are still living he will bring them to judgment, condemn them for their sin and destroy them (strip them of their power). But he will have mercy on the rest of my people, those who are left in my land; he will set them free and make them happy (restore back to them their long lost paradise) until the end comes (evacuation day). (End quote).


“Judgment Day is final and sets the final seal on truth for all to see.” (See Agenda Item 7).


It may as well be so that my own scroll of ancient times never made it into the canon of today’s Bible books. There was too much truth in it for even religionists of the past to stomach. IT SPARED MY OWN SCROLL FROM HITTING THE CHOPPER BLADES OF THE SHREDDER  INTO WHICH ALL THE OTHER CANONIZED BOOKS OF THE BIBLE ARE COMMISSIONED!


Judgment Day is here, and the only Judgment ruling this Day will be that of my own! No religious book on earth will tell me how to conduct it, not even my own scroll of the past! Yet many trembling under the thunder of my words will be surprised to learn that Judgment Day is less about punishment for wrongs of the past than it is on forgiveness for those wrongs. To many this Day will see their “sins” of the past forgiven without the need for anyone shedding blood as a “sacrifice” for those “sins”. Indeed, I want you people to begin purging this label out of your minds. From now on be aware however of negative life expressions stunting your personal growth, for you ought to prepare yourselves for entering worlds where the word “sin” is not even part of their vocabularies. The value judgment on any deed of your past or any of your future will from here on out not be made necessarily by people around you, neither by society nor traditions, but as you connect back to the inner godhood of yourselves, you then see and judge for yourselves whether proceeding with an intent will be either beneficial or detrimental to your growth or personal progression, and therein you find yourself guided by an accurate understanding between right and wrong, which your own inner godhood is capable of giving you. Also develop the capacity to forgive yourselves for errors of your past, and begin connecting to your inner higher selves!


But I warn some of you, there will be “sins” that belong outside of the category of instant forgiveness, and they will be judged by the universal measuring stick of acceptable and permissible conduct. Also begin to grasp and understand the necessity of upholding the guidelines of universal ethics. When I say “universal”, that is exactly what I mean: A STANDARD OF ETHICS ACCEPTED BY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF LIGHTED BEINGS! Your personal acceptance of that standard will open the doorways for you to become re-admitted into higher worlds existing beyond this earth. Any conduct performed with the intent of victimizing or inflicting injury on others is taboo by the universal standard of ethics and will be judged accordingly, where then society is taking over to protect itself.


When the Generals get my word and follow my lead, they merely fulfill what was accurately foretold in my own ancient writing not found in your official Bible book where it is written (quote): “But Judgment Day will be the end of the present age and the beginning of the future age. Then all corruption will end, self-indulgence and disloyalty will be eliminated. Righteousness and truth will reach their full maturity. So on Judgment Day no one will be able to have mercy on those who have been condemned, and no one will be able to harm those who have been acquitted.” (End quote).


I could not have spoken it any better today.



Agenda Item 12: Judgment Day has finally arrived! (Part Two)


I continue to speak to the people of this planet: Then you may ask: “But what about all those generations of the past which have come and gone, finding themselves deprived of the opportunity to hear the things you are teaching us now? Will they now all be left behind?”


My reply to you is: no, those generations of the past are you! You all have come back from the dead to be here again, being given the opportunity to hear our words and progress in preparation for the evacuation from this planet onto other planets in order to escape all natural catastrophes otherwise inflicted upon you by mother earth as she cleanses herself from all the dross and corruption your past has left on her delicate skin – an event we all understand to be ‘the end of this world.’


Evacuation is standard procedure among civilizations throughout the universe, but be mindful of the fact that it is also conditional. Those dying now will quickly come back to hear it in their youth, and no one will be left behind.



Agenda Item 13: To the Deputies of the Attorney General of Alberta


My next item is a cold shower for the Deputy Attorney General’s department of Alberta, led by the “Agent of the Attorney General” Mr. Stephen Bilodeau, the agent who prosecuted me during all hearings of my kangaroo trial in Edmonton:


This is my second official warning to release our computer equipment back to us with all hard drives untouched, if they do not wish to see Edmonton Downtown go down into a pit before even the high rise towers have a chance to crumble.


They dismissed our first warning as a joke in bad taste. The aspect which makes this issue so serious is the fact that those drives contain personal readings from the Akashic Records to which no human being is allowed access without our permission. Our computers in their possession are worse than atomic bombs in their suitcases.



Agenda Item 14: Horst Gotowik


Generals, I want Horst Gotowik from 86th Street in Edmonton put into a nice house. I owe him a personal debt from the eighties which I never was able to fully repay, When finally we thought there was a chance to square off with him financially, government agents blocked the publication of our first two books from a publisher in Victoria, BC. I want these agents identified, including those who gave the orders, arrested and put in custody under your care. There they shall wait until I decide their fate. If I give them justice they are dead, and if I grant them mercy, then how can I be just? I hate this.



Agenda Item 15: Canada’s Court System Under Investigation


Hello, Generals! At this time I must apologize for dumping so much on you to do all at once, but divide the work into smaller, manageable packages and make someone in charge of each little project like any good manager would do.


I want you to launch an investigation into Canada’s Court System and find out for me, please, why I could not get justice on this side of the border as demanded even by primitive standards of Old Testament Law (Exodus 23,6). The problem I have here is nation-wide, I believe.


First, place instant security around the former Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, Mr. Pierre Pettigrew and his family before they have a chance to kill him. His testimony is essential to the investigation.


You will be investigating the racial bias in the system, create statistics, explain why the presumption of innocence was forsaken in law, why judges have the power to move goal posts set by the law, why charges are laid against citizens on insufficient authority, why politicians cannot be subpoenaed to testify when requested, why justice is unavailable without a lawyer, why my official name change notification was ignored by the court, why charges can be laid in cases as petty as mine, where no member of the public has complained, why the police force accepts private donations to finance its so-called hate crimes division, why legal arguments count for nothing unless they come from a lawyer, why documents of self-incrimination are not allowed, why a jury is not allowed to see photographic evidence supplied by the defendant, why the prosecution and judges in my case appeared to be one team, why Canada can no longer provide its people with a fair and impartial tribunal as promised in the constitution, why transcripts can be falsified or altered without consequences, why full disclosure of evidence is prevented by prosecution and judges alike as both parties disrupt cross-examinations, and finally, why people can make victim impact statements that are no victims. When you have the answer to all these questions, I want the results published and will then make adjustments to the system as required. Thank you, Generals. You are now dismissed.



Agenda Item 16: Taxation Outrage


Generals I had another collision with Canada’s justice system dating back to the late eighties over the illegality of federal direct taxation on income from Canadian Citizens. Canada’s old BNA act , which is still valid today, assigns the power of direct taxation as an exclusive right belonging to the provinces, and on the other hand the government in Ottawa was assigned taxation powers by any means it wishes other than those assigned as belonging “exclusively” to the provinces.


I want you to investigate the War Measures Act on taxation from 1917, the reasons why it was not repealed after the war was over, a 1950 Supreme Court of Canada decision concerning direct taxation (A.C. of N.S. vs. A.G. of Canada (1951) S.C.R. 31 (S.C.C.) page 40.), giving the Canadian Government 12 years to get out of the direct taxation business, why this Supreme Court ruling was ignored, and why the Alberta challenge to the legality of the GST was lost in Court. I want you to investigate the sincerity of the Alberta lawyers to defeat it, the weakness of their arguments, compare the arguments with those I raised in the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal against the validity of the GST, and tell me why I lost a multi-billion class action law suit on behalf of Alberta tax payers who were forced to pay this tax which I consider illegal. I want statistics of ethnic representation throughout the court system as well as government, and finally I want I want to know why governments at all levels are nearly exclusively run by lawyers, on which I want statistics as well. As before, when your results of this investigation are in, I want them published, draw my conclusions and implement changes to the system as required to prevent abuse of power from here on out. Generals, for the duration of the investigations into Canada’s court system and that of the Federal and Provincial governments I want all their legislative buildings surrounded by troop and equipment as required. Thank you again, gentlemen. You are now dismissed.



Agenda Item 17: And the Books Are Being Opened…!


Good morning, Generals. I want the historical record of the past set straight. This is the ugliest assignment I have given you yet, however it needs to be done in order for the most accurate record of mankind’s history we can possibly produce to go into the archives of the Akashic Records. The match between the one we will create at the end of this age and the one which all participants have written by the hand of their own lives should match as closely as possible the one which already exists scattered throughout the Akashic Records now. You may compare it to defragmenting a hard drive.


From the general public I want men  and women to come forward who wish to participate in this awful task: historians, scientists, anthropologists, laymen, laywomen, researchers, and so on, and who will then create many teams throughout many countries to conduct an array of historical research of the past, past events, the rise and fall of kingdoms, the intrigues and treacheries of their leaders, the wars they conducted, the secret societies they formed, the monarchies they destroyed, the doctrines they invented to deceive the people, the economic and philosophical systems they created to control the masses, the schemes with which they plotted to overthrow righteous civilizations and societies, their names, the hierarchies of their power, the texts of secret covenants they wrote, their religions, and also the good deeds many did throughout mankind’s known history.


As resources I want you to be given access to all major libraries of the world, all archives held by governments, museums and religious institutions. I want Pope Benedict to secure the archival records of the Vatican until your teams arrive to work there, and I want you to have access to all records and translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, classified or not. There also are the Society for Historical Review, the Canadian and Australian League of Rights and their archived books, NASA, the Pentagon, etc.


For example: we need the facts about the Tower of Babel, the “wheel” Ezekiel described, the Sumerian people and their records, their connections to the extraterrestrials, Atlantean technology, why technology became lost for so long, the “pillar” of fire from Moses’ days, how the pyramids were built and by whom, and for what purpose, who designed and constructed the monuments on Mars, what wars destroyed the surface of Mars, where has Mars’ atmosphere gone and by what mechanism was it lost, what are the facts of mankind’s origin on earth, why do we have different races, indicating a fallacy in the theory that all of mankind came from Adam and Eve, are the theories of genetic evolution accurate, are the “miracles” of Christ true, how does prophecy come about which speaks of future events, where does it come from, who invented religion and instituted the abomination of animal sacrifice, the truth about Moroni, who lied about the alleged need for innocent human blood as payment for others’ “sins”, who were the “gods” that demanded to be “worshipped”, why are we not told the facts of reincarnation and that of our own godhood potential, why are we being forced now to throw religion into the trash bins of mankind’s screwed-up history after millennia of human suffering from lack of understanding, which catastrophes were caused by interplanetary conjunctions, and what planets were involved, how did the asteroid belt come into being, is time travel possible, and if so, why; why did the God of Moses condone money and then says: “Look after the poor!” if even then money was at the root of all poverty; who was Moses’ “god”, why so many wars, and why was the library of Alexandria burned to the ground?


I want the truth about Pearl Harbour, the Russian Revolution, the wars of Europe, the Fall of Rome, the Jewish Holocaust, why does man oppress woman, the Kennedy assassination, the massacres of the Palestinians and the Armenians, depleted uranium and its consequences from use in warfare, why and how did the towers of New York come down, atomic underground tunnelling, the reintroduction of torture in modern times, the origin and purpose of freemasonry, the Illuminati, all revolutions, extraterrestrial captives and how they have been treated by the established elite, and anything else you may find important for us to understand why and how events of the past unfolded the way they did.


I hope you have time enough to finish this work before conditions on this planet call for our global evacuation. Before we leave this planet we need the “air we breathe” cleared of all misconceptions. Here the teams must learn to emotionally detach themselves from the information they find and proceed on that basis. When the research is done and the picture of humanity’s past is clear, the purpose of this exercise is fulfilled and we can then move on with worlds of bliss we create for ourselves, having thoroughly learned from the mistakes of our past.


To facilitate a free flow of information from the work of these teams back to the people, I want all teams to have full access to the internet, operate their own websites where they will publish condensed reports of their findings, interlink with each other, and for the purpose of reaching all people everywhere with their information we must now aim to provide every household with the opportunity to have connection to the net. Thank you, Generals, for your attention. You are now dismissed.



Agenda Item 18: Where do the Jews fit in at the End of This Age? (Part One)


Hello again, Generals. This is your Commander in Chief, Reni, requesting your attention. The next item I write for the benefit of the Jewish people around the world. I am who I always said I am: their Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I am their Ezra of the past. My scroll of 2,400 years ago will convince them that I am not their enemy. I am like the Moses of their past who led them out of Egypt into a promised land, only that the “promised land” of today, into which I wish to lead them now, is no longer a “land” to which they hold an exclusive right. Their privileged status is gone along with their reputation as “God’s Chosen People.” Their quest for inheriting the promised land of the “New Jerusalem” is no easier nor harder than that for any other human being.


And what really is the “New Jerusalem” here of which is spoken as “having come down from heaven”? It is nothing other than the peace and harmony and brotherhood among nations through the power of universal oneness with all of creation. That is our “New Jerusalem” they must learn to live in, love, and defend. Once the Jewish people have tasted some of its glories for a while shoulder to shoulder with all other cultures, they then will not be left behind when the greater ships from the stars come to get them and us removed off this planet and transported into other worlds before living conditions on this one deteriorate to the point where survival is no longer possible.


Shortly I will have many friends among the Jewish people, however all of them, friends or foes, will become subject to the rigors of a judgment this Day is calling for, and here the people of my past are no exception. Those among them who pass the test of this judgment I will give a name by which they shall be called, which will no longer carry with it the stigma of a false superiority and greed. They may then call themselves after the name in the title to the Office I hold, namely, Judahites. Thank you, Generals, for your courtesy in attending this session. You are now dismissed.



Agenda Item 19: Where do the Jews fit in at the End of This Age? (Part Two)


(October 30, 2006).  Good Morning again, Generals! This next item is a mere continuation of what I spoke to the Jewish people about. I told them I am the Ezra of their past. Whether I also was the Moses who led them out of Egypt I do not know with certainty, however in the late seventies or early eighties I and several colleagues of mine, saw, as we were looking out of the College Plaza office tower on the south side of Edmonton at 8:00 am, the “pillar of fire” hovering in the dawning morning sky at roughly 500 to 700 ft above the houses. It consisted of a metallic cylindrical body, perhaps 30 ft in diameter. The shape was that of an intercontinental ballistic missile hanging weightlessly in the sky. Its position was angled, and from its lower end we saw a bright yellow smokeless flame extending out. It slowly realigned itself to a new position, stopped there, and then shot upward into the sky in one straight path at phenomenal speed and acceleration, until after 30 to 40 seconds we were unable to see the bright flame any more. The next morning I looked for news reports on this incident, which must have been watched by thousands of people on the ground, but there were none. So I thought to myself, here we go again, typical government conducted cover-up by a centrally controlled media.


Why am I telling you this? If some commanders of the Federation of Free Planets as well as some of my associates I listed under “Credits”, including myself, had any hand in selecting descendants of Abraham to give them the Law of Moses, then that must be considered the most embarrassing mistake we have ever made. The consequences of that error were horrendous for mankind as well as the animal world. And now that Judgment Day is here, we include ourselves as having fallen under Judgment whereby the Jewish people will be tested. It will provide them and ourselves with the opportunity of applying the Law of Forgiveness. The Masters and gods of the past cannot progress without us, and we cannot without them. We are interlinked. I repeat:


It is by universal decree that the gods of the heavens will not be allowed to evolve or progress into higher planes of glory until the errors of their past have properly been dealt with!


And so I will call the Judgment on my own past as on that of my associates from the stars, and together we shall release ourselves from the bondage to a messed-up past we have created together. The nature of the Judgment on ourselves and on that of the Jewish people, which is one Judgment call on both of us, I will not disclose until all the world sees it happening. Only you, Generals, will know in advance what it shall be. That is all, my friends, you are now dismissed.


Agenda Item 20: The Document of Infamy Goes Up in Flames as it Should!


Generals, please investigate the authenticity of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which I was denied as evidence to my defence during the trial resulting in a conviction. Compare its content with what has been going on in the world for as far back as history can provide you a match. Compare it with my own statements critical of Jewish participation in a global conspiracy, and give me your unbiased conclusion which of the two literary productions emanates hate: the master plan for a global conspiracy or a prophet’s chastisement of a people involved in it. Then we will publish the result of that investigation, and should any further revisions be necessary to the way we have already restructured government, then they will be implemented as well. The world we create for ourselves at this time will simply not tolerate conspiracies.


I also want you to search for this ”identifiable group” of “Elders” with the same intensity as Washington ordered you to hunt for Osama bin Laden. If they have since moved to hide inside the Bilderberg society, check that out as well. Also find out who the people are that on occasion may have asked you to give them conference space in your atomic powered submarines. When you find them arrest them, and place them in custody under military care. There they must wait until we are satisfied we have located them all. Only then shall their deeds come under scrutiny, and we, you Generals and I, shall decide together what is fair to them as a Judgment call on these people’s disastrous contribution to society in general.


King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream he once shared, and its prophetic nature withstood the test of time. I am no less than he, and therefore I will share with you a dream I was given this morning. The simplicity of it will not make it necessary to give an interpretation of its meaning. Here it is:


I saw myself in a barn that had its wall insulated with thick layers of vertically placed straw inside. All straw was exposed and evenly wrapped around the barn’s wall reinforcements. One section of the wall had nearly all its straw torn off but had not been punched through to the outside yet. Along the remainder of the straw-covered wall there was a narrow ledge like a continuous bench at about 3 ft height off the ground. In this barn there was a beast, totally covered in dark fur from head to toe. I felt the beast had to be cleared out of the barn for it was wrecking the barn’s insulation of straw, and I also felt it did not belong there in the first place. I observed it rolling along the wall being upright on the ledge, and the straw was flying off as it rolled. What I did not notice was that this two-legged beast was more afraid of me than I was of it. So I decided to get myself a hand saw with a wide blade and a good wooden handle, but  the blade was broken down to only half of its original length. I held the saw with my right hand firmly gripped on its handle and began poking the beast into its furry skin. It then came off the ledge and fell to the floor. By that time it had lost all of its strength as it lay there.  I poked it again in an effort to make it move at its own strength, still being fearful of it, but to no avail. So I grabbed it, still poking it while I dragged it along the floor towards the barn door at quite an effort of my own. It seemed I even had to drag it up some steps to get it out of the barn door.


But as I looked again, it lay there completely listless on the landing outside the door. Rain began to fall on it, and I saw it had lost all its fur, its skin was white with no muscle features visible, tall and skinny with an unusually long thin neck. Its facial features I could barely discern, but I think the beast was human. At that point, as I looked at the beast, it collapsed to become almost like a two-dimensional image, yet remained alive. A feeling of pity overcame me, seeing it lie there in this pathetic condition, but I did nothing to help it out of its misery. That is all for now, Generals. Be dismissed.



Agenda Item 21: The People’s Judgment on the Bible


Hello, Generals, I am back. Can you separate the poison from a soup? Can you separate it from a meal? The soup looks good and so does the meal, but both will kill. That is what happened to the Christian world using the Bible as their guide. From early on the good was mixed with the bad, truth with error, and in the name of “God” and “his church” the most horrendous atrocities were committed on nations and their people, conveniently justified by the Bible, for had “God” not spoken “I will sacrifice nations for you?” Add to this deception the fanaticism of a deluded religious mind, and what we have is bloody crusading justified, along with roasting people at stakes alive.


Tell me, what good came out of the Bible! To all the brutality it preached in the name of “justice” the ultimate lie was added claiming that mankind’s “sins” can only be forgiven unless an innocent human being, the so-called “Son of God” had been put to death in a most cruel manner imaginable. I ask you, Generals, what do you expect me to do with the Bible? Its poison has made the nations ill and its perverted doctrines have provided the excuse for endless brutality and wars. Instead of giving enlightenment and understanding of universal reality it gave the people religious superstition marketed as the ultimate truth. The Bible kept the people permanently disconnected from their brothers and sisters of the stars, and got them focused on a “God” they never comprehended, for the concept of “God” the Bible portrays does not exist anywhere in the Universe.


My judgment call on the Bible will be an open contest between the Bible and our own books published by the Federation of Free Planets, spearheaded by the question-and-answer book “The Mancharians’ Newest Civilization.”


You people of planet earth will pronounce Judgment on the Bible. We will only provide you with clearly marked recycle bins to dispose the Bibles off into, from where they will then be transported into shredders for recycling or disposal into garbage dumps. And that, people, will then become known to the world as your own Day of Judgment on the Bible. So make good use of your time left to become enlightened and gain an understanding of universal realities as only the Mancharians and Masters of the Universe can teach it. The day for the commissioning of Bibles into shredders will be announced later. That is all for now, Generals. Be dismissed.



Agenda Item 22: On Media Slander Against My Person


Hello again, Generals. In the aftermath of my wrongful conviction under a law in Canada which I consider illegal because of its unconstitutional nature, I was slanderously treated by the media, especially the Edmonton Sun. I have in all faithfulness of a true prophet of ancient Israel chastised their children of modern times not any differently than my colleagues did in the olden days, in which they were persecuted and killed. Isaiah hid in the hollow of a tree, which they then sawed in two with him in it. Today their children are of the same disposition. They failed the test when they encountered one of their own prophets of old in disguise of a German from the tribe of Judah, being of the House of David!


Did it make them losers then? Will it make them losers now? Of course! The equinox of today is an opportunity for reclamation no one should miss. “Missing one’s boat” (the flying “boat” here) will mean nothing less than a self-inflicted throw-back into eons of low-grade incarnations before another opportunity for a “breath of fresh air” arises at the emergence of another equinox perhaps 950,000 centuries away. Personally I want nothing to do with a prospect as bleak as that for my own future. The Jewish people’s choice between righteousness and wickedness today will therefore in essence determine where and under what conditions they will spend their time until the next equinox. Too awful to contemplate if they were to make a wrong choice.


Coming back to the media’s slanderous insults against my person I want you to investigate all media outlets which have reported on my case unfairly and with intent to undermine my credibility with the people. Those who carelessly tarnished my reputation by calling me a “hatemonger” or “Jew hater” I want fired from their positions as reporters, including their bosses who cared not to apologize afterwards. The owners of these media outlets I want stripped of companies in which they permit slanderous statements to be fed to the people for the purpose of promoting hate against the innocent! Thank you, Generals. You are dismissed for now.



Agenda Item 23: Afghanistan Has a Bright Future Under a New Taliban!


Generals, until now I have neglected to speak about your involvement in Afghanistan, other than to say: “Get out of there, and stop hunting for Osama.” Please let President Karzai announce to the people of Afghanistan that all foreign troop will leave the country, that the money system for trade will be scrapped, that the Taliban must find for themselves a new name whereby they wish to be called, and that after they have done so, they will once again become full participants in the running of governmental affairs in Afghanistan. Also let President Karzai inform the people from me  that from now on full equality of man and woman will be restored, including education for all, and that the burka will become relegated to the dustbin of misguided religious concepts. This announcement is no threat to the Taliban of today, but an opportunity for them to shed their traditional image of religious bigotry. That is all, except for one last item. Thank you, Generals, for your cooperation.



Agenda Item 24: The Lion of Judah Seeks an Ally Coming From Israel


And finally, Generals, I want you to find me one person among Government circles in Tel Aviv who is sympathetic to my agenda and has come forward in full support of all I have spoken on this site. And if no one can be found there, then see if you can find someone from the Israeli intelligentsia anywhere in the country who is. Should you find such a person, keep that identity confidential until I can speak with you in person. Exhaust your search among the male population first before opting for a female. I need it done this way to test the responses among Israeli males in leadership or potential leadership positions.


And that completes my various assignments for you in the course of this first edition of the GLOBAL AGENDA.


I gave you so much to do all at once so you can get familiar with my leadership style and become comfortable with the issues that we need to address and work on together. The second edition of my set of instructions will come after we have met in person.


For your information, today is Saturday, November 11, 2006, 8:23 pm Mountain Standard Time. Thank you, and be dismissed.






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