The Federation of Free Planets

(Military Generals, please make these Final Words of Caution worth more then just the ending of a good movie out of Hollywood!)



My Final Words of Caution

To the peoples and nations of this earth do I speak a final word of caution. It is also a warning to you and your children, and to this warning you must give your highest possible unrelenting priority. Day and night your security forces must remain vigilant. I want the people to demand from your governments and councils regular reports back to them on the status and quality of a surveillance on which the continuation of your paradisiacal liberty depends.


Now take this to heart: In the past you were not united with your brother, you were fragmented. You failed to seek your brotherís welfare. To you he was competition to be outsmarted, to be taken advantage of, to be exploited as a labour force, to be killed in wars when you were ordered to or when it suited your egocentric interests, to be betrayed if you could get away with it, to steal from and to see him gone rather than have him for a friend. THAT WAS YOUR MISTAKE! YOU WERE NOT ONE WITH YOUR BROTHER; AND LADIES, YOU WERE NOT ONE WITH YOUR SISTER!  And in that condition of mental fragmentation of one human being from another you did not realize that you were surrounded by a people who understand the power of oneness and acted accordingly.


You were large in number and they were small, you were fragmented but they were united and acted as one, and so you were conquered and became their slaves. For thousands of years they lived among you, keeping you in disarray, toil, blood and agony. They controlled every aspect of your miserable existences, and you did not know them, neither did you know what they were doing, and you even came to their defense when they claimed rights for themselves which you were denied.


They gave you religion and you fell for it, they gave you governments which you never controlled, they gave you laws to limit your rights and freedoms, above which they exalted themselves, they took your gold and gave you paper, they gave you money to assure your poverty, they fed you lies and you devoured them all.


And here is the secret of their power: THEY ARE ONE AND YOU WERE NOT!! BECOME ONE AS THEY ACTED AS ONE PEOPLE AGAINST YOUR INTERESTS, AND YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN BECOME THEIR SLAVES! I said: Put them under perpetual surveillance. To assist you in that effort I have given you a national SECURITY PANEL of 12 men and 12 women, endowed them with the power of oneness and passed onto their shoulders the awesome responsibility of keeping your paradise safe from predators and conspirators. I have made them in charge of all security forces and the military as tools to carry out their mandate.


Oneness have I made to them a mandatory condition before their decrees can be carried out. Never in the known history of man have ever nations and peoples been governed by authority placed under such a tall order for effecting its decisions. This I have done to guarantee the safety of your new-found liberty in perpetuity and instill upon you a feeling of being secure. Support them and be one with them. Be one people from here on out for the foe is still among you who in the past took action in its own separate oneness against all your interests and made a hell out of all your surroundings. Remember though one thing: Their oneness was in secrecy, but yours must be natural and evident to all. Understand that oneness is a state of being, and less one of doing.


Do not permit secret combinations to rise up in your midst to rob you of your life essence. Their tools of money and religion were only two of many you so readily fell for. I have given your freedom back to you, and returned to you control over the destiny of your own lives. But I assure you of one thing: what I have done for you this time I will never repeat, for I have my own happiness to pursue, one which I fail to identify in a struggle for liberties which you lose for failing to be One. Your price of freedom is eternal vigilance, but to that vigilance you must now add your new-found oneness with your brothers and sisters all over the world, and then you will become what creation always expected you to be: a free people, worthy of experiencing perpetual joy, and only then will your reclamation remain an ongoing record of success.


-         Reni Sentana-Ries. I am your benefactor from the stars.






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