The Federation of Free Planets' Pathway to Paradise




1.     The selection of persons into offices of substantial public trust by the SECURITY PANEL makes general elections obsolete. National, provincial and state governors, presidents and prime ministers, premiers and mayors of cities and towns above 24,000 residents must all be appointed by the SECURITY PANEL. Their teams or cabinets are chosen by the appointed administrators. All presidents, prime ministers, premiers, governors and mayors are accountable firstly to the SECURITY PANEL. When the time comes and I depart, my Office will go with me.


2.     All houses of elected members like the Congress, Senate, Duma or Bundestag will be disbanded and its men and women be replaced by two or more appointed representatives from each region, who have gone through the screening process as explained under “Qualifications”, and who then may become a pool of resource for appointments by the appointed head of state. His or her drain from this resource pool as appointed officials will make it necessary to replace those regional individuals by new appointments for those houses, so that the number of regional members is always proportional to the number of regions in the country.


3.     With regard to the justice system It is my opinion that in a paradisiacal environment it will be impossible for the justice system to retain its present shape. Many laws will become redundant , eliminating avenues for violation. I want society to assign wise, fair, and honorable men and women into positions of trust as judges in cases where disputes still occur. Set up a council for the purpose of restructuring the justice system to adjust it to the new conditions. I also fail to see the need for continued forced incarceration except in cases of violence causing bodily harm or property damage. Find a fair system where victimizers are given the opportunity to make restitution for harm or damage done. Rulings must be consistent with the public’s right to safety. Let verdicts cease to bear the nature of punishment and assume the character of rehabilitation, which includes the seeking of relief for a person’s troubled mind. The temporary loss of certain rights or privileges  (luxury, wealth, travel, transportation, etc.) would be acceptable where public safety is not at risk.


4.     Constitutions. 

a) Constitutions define structure and powers of governments and their respective areas of jurisdiction. 

b) I want to see the formation of a panel of enlightened men and women to re-write the constitution reflecting the preferred structure of Government consistent with my own requirements for a paradisiacal system. National or ethnic uniqueness in a constitutional structure is no violation of the principle need for oneness among all human beings. The model presented here under 2. is one of perhaps many options.


5.     Human Rights

a) The Declaration of Universal Human Rights of the United Nations is a good starting point for a review of fundamental rights for all under a paradisiacal economic system. 

b) Similar to 4. (b).


6.     Legal Rights. 

a) The application of fundamental justice equally granted to all and blended with all human rights and constitutions should leave no human being behind with a feeling of having been dealt with unfairly by a reformed system of justice. Should you feel the need for putting legal rights into the framework of a written bill, then feel free to do so. In that case follow the advice as given under 4 (b) with regard to legal rights. 

b) All persons selected under 4., 5. and 6. must pass the screening process under the link “Qualifications.”






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