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For the enlightenment of all human races concerning matters of religion, economics, ethics, conspiracy, and in general, universal realities, we have in our possession a number of books which hitherto had been blocked by powers in authority interested only in public ignorance. 



Almost all of our books we at one time had made available for free by connecting them to our websites with full option for downloading by anyone who wanted them in word format.


So once again we invite you to take hold of the opportunity to receive for free information designed to broaden your understanding of many issues of life. Your only part will be to print them out on your own computer equipment and place them into an inexpensive binder for easy reading, if you wish to do so. All books we offer here are presented to you in .pdf format.


All our so far published books in PDF format are available for free on :


Here are some book links to other achived locations:

The Mancharians’ Newest Civilization


The Religion of the Decade


The Epitaph of Finance


 Beyond Religion: Abundant Joy!

        Interpretations (later)

        Qualifications (later)



        The United Nations (later)


        Articles by  the Team

        Nations (later)

        To the People of Iraq (later)

        Etiquette (later)

        Final Words (later)

        Credits (later)


Last updated: February 01, 2016