"House Cleaning" after President Trump returns to the White House as victor!




Should a re-instatement of the legitimate winner of the Nov. 2020  Donald J. Trump occur, then we have a few obligations to consider:


a) All American troops must leave the Middle East.


b) All of America's 1000+ military bases will be vacated around the world and all troops come home, taking all their hardware with them.


c) Julian Assange will be freed from his prison cell, and Edward Snowden be allowed to come home.


d) All COVID restrictions throughout the nation will be lifted, and the entry of Pfizer, Moderna, etc. "vaccine" poisons and their importation into the country blocked.


e) The Governments of China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and Russia will no longer be viewed as “enemies.”


f) Both Houses (Congress and the Senate) will be purged of all compromised members who have taken bribes from the industry as well as foreign agency entities operating on American soil.


g) Washington D.C. will announce to the world that it will no longer be part of the Triad in which the City of London and Vatican City are a part of.


h) Corporations and big business ownership will shift over to the people in order to allow the people become beneficiaries of their presence and operations.


i) Stock market speculations will cease, and all national, state, corporate, business, student, and private debts will become cancelled.


J) All “secrecy” will end around operations to which not even the President of the United States was allowed access to.


k) And all adrenochrome production facilities around the world will be identified and shut down.


The remainder of national changes will become published when the above ones are adequately being dealt with.


Reni Sentana-Ries, Grand World Counselor