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01. What is the Hullabaloo about UFO's? (Part one)

02. What is the Hullabaloo About UFO's (Part two)

03. What is the Hullabaloo About UFO's (Part three)

04. You Are Living Your Next Life

05. Why One Does Not Remember Past Lives

06. How Is it We Do Not Live Only One Life?

07. Talents Gifts DNA Heaven Earth Explanation

08. Paradise Is For Now!

09. Man-Woman Unions In The Higher Evolved Worlds

10.   Higher Structure Of Incarnation And The Economics 

11.  You Cannot Fight A War Without Soldiers! 

12. The Nations and the System Which is Killing Them All

13. Let Us Not Chew On The Same Bone Again 

14. From The Chief Director Of The Genealogy Scientific Community

15. Aliens, Who Really Are They?

16. Gold Bullion Is Not The Answer, Beloveds

17.   What Really Happened In Afghanistan?

18. What Is Tipping America Off Its Foundation?

19.  Federation Of Free Planets, President Thomas Jefferson, And This World

20. A Hugely Encased Secret