29. Who Do You Think We Are? 


I was asked to supply the readers with some detail of how we got to where we are. This writing will be most unexpected for most of you, so hang onto your seats! - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


The Papacy is it the "antichrist" system? And What is the Rapture?

Dear readers, today I tried to post an answer to a question concerning the number 666 and the “Rapture.” Here is what I wrote:


The “rapture” is just another name for "evacuation" and how else does one leave this earth but in a machine called a starship which takes the evacuees up into the clouds.


The number 666 stands for "Vicarius Filii Dei" which from Latin translates into English meaning "Representative of God on Earth" and the sum total of the Latin inscription when Roman numbers applied to it, total 666.

And yet the number 6 is also the number of man.


Now this is the Papal system but the "antichrist" system itself is the International Monetary System run by a few who would rather the people think that the “antichrist” system is the Papal system instead.


The Rapture!

If the “Rapture” becomes known by its true name "the evacuation" then the tithes will stop rolling into the coffers of the Priests and the coffers of most churches.



Woman With Stars Around Her Head!

Who do you think is the “woman with the stars around her head” as explained in Revelation in your Bible?


One of the books which was not tampered with as it could not be understood! They represent scribings from the ships! As upon other worlds so it will be eventually upon this earth!


But when do you ones ever interpret anything you ever read, correctly?!


Those are STARSHIPS! When are you who take the Bible so literally ever going to understand anything you read even in increments?



Wheels in the Skies

What is that great “wheel” with all the “eyes” (lights) turning in the sky in Ezekiel? It is A GREAT STARSHIP!


The Base of the Story


Who were the ones who were thrown into the streets as if dead and then arose to once again speak to the people? OVER THE NET!


WE WERE thrown by the NSA out into the street and they took away every job we had! The NSA stood around with their white phones and set up an outdoor party which they held for themselves in Tempe, Arizona, laughing and dancing in glee hoping we would die of thirst and the heat, following us around, that all who did open their doors to us were threatened and asked us to leave.


We escaped to Canada half dead. It took us months to recover.


The Catholic church members in Phoenix Arizona bought us tickets back to Canada and we threw off the agents and told the Catholic people that we would see the truth and reality of the universe reach their ears. They gave us food for which we were most thankful. We lived in our old beaten down car.


Other good decent people opened their doors to us both in the States as well as in Canada. For a while we lost the agents. With jobs all began well. Then we caught the landlord with his hands in our mailbox, caught them (he and his wife) with their crowbars opening our box in Tempe, Arizona as we were awaiting book contracts from publishing houses who wanted to publish our books to free us up to scribe even more.


The rest could then be given freely to the people.

We find that does not really work that way with publishing houses. But that was our intent at the time.


People around us began to become quite affluent as they came under agent control. The same happened in Canada. One poor landlady became quite affluent when contracted to open our mailbox daily and we caught her at it as well!


Military came down the apartment hall with bodybags but father Gabriel scared them all away and the boots ran dragging the bags behind them.


We were assigned an assassin to us while we were in Tempe, Arizona, but he loved Reni’s homemade soup and took us to see all his spy paraphernalia and told us to ”get out of there.” He told us who he was and that he was leaving. His last words to us were: ”You people are too good.”


He told us he used to jump from helicopters and “go in and kill ‘em” and he liked his job! He was a big man but we were not afraid of him because we really did not know the extreme danger we were in.


WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE?! ARE WE SOMEWHAT IRATE TOO AS WE WORK HARD TO RELEASE EACH ONE FROM THE SEVERE DUPING AND BRAINWASHING YOU HAVE FOR CENTURIES GONE THROUGH in order that you, our brothers and sisters not need to ever repeat these same lifestreams again lifetime after lifetime?


What I have told you is the very tip of the iceberg, but as I have been asked to tell the people about us, I have now done so to a very small extent.


However, now the tables have turned in our lives and safety is ours once again; friends with backbone are left alone and in spite of consistent break-ins to our home despite the alarm system, those who work with us are under a very highly technical protection system – our ships in the firmament and those on the ground from them along with others from high and low positions in life.


So those who think we are strange and weird people with new concepts, may I tell you once again – these concepts are not new – they are as old as the hills!


You have all just forgotten.


And you need to WAKE UP! We are no longer obscure! I alone have 26 thousand 400 views since I began posting at Wikinut on January 29, 2013.


Some ridicule me and say "how good is your message" when all you do is “frown?”


Let me tell you this: My work is of such a nature that not one word can be found out of place for should that happen the entire meaning of the text will be altered.


You see, as I told one dear Wikinut brother, I am trying as hard as I can to not let you down and that means each one who reads our words.


We are here for you, the people, and have fought tooth and nail to get to where we are!


       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries