28.   The Universal Blueprint Of The Law Of Forgiveness Of Karmic “Debt” (Part Two)




The Working Blueprint


Dear ones, you must speak it loudly and clearly once in the morning and once in the evening in the quiet of your room or some other place where you have privacy to speak these words out into the universe.


This is a working blueprint. As your words reverberate throughout the universe, the hook which is placed in your soul by another will disintegrate and you will find all your anger, and fear, or longing for that particular person, has left for good. The release from a particular karmic baggage will take somewhere between 8 to 14 days. You will feel the hook snap.



The Universe Provides a Way Out


"One Father God" Created All - Up In The Clouds! Come on now!

The universe has always provided a way out of karmic situations.


When man and woman and child do not always know what to do with negative karmic burdens, they are found running wildly into one religion after the other, and in seeking help, they present themselves as targets for religious authorities, whom many themselves do not know any better the laws of the universe, and genuinely do wish to help these people.


Such religious authorities then, in error, inform the individual that someone else must take on their problems or karma, calling it "sin" and then offer up another, such as a "christed one."


The religious system as a whole is guilty of luring the people and their money into the religious trap of a false system.


These religious actions are against universal law and principle, no matter which religious cover they put over it.


But religious enterprises such as the Vatican, which is a country in itself with its own financial institution, know full well the truth of the matter and have hidden in its five miles of underground vaults the original writs, such as we are again producing after many unhappy incarnations in trying to enlighten and free the people from religious "dogma" and hopelessness, for the religious dogma does nothing more than lead the people right back to where they were in the last life.


 Gods, Goddesses and Starcraft!



Always remember, dear ones, that the people who live within the diverse universes, galaxies and upon worlds, or other planets, are commonly referred to as gods and goddesses by people in lower evolved lifestreams. This is because they come to this earth in starcraft. This is why your Bible says: "ye are all gods" and then purposefully leaves the rest of the explanation out including the fact that females were among them.


These dear ones are the ones who have taught this universal law of forgiveness throughout the ages wherever they were received, so they are being thanked in the Law of Forgiveness.


Gods and goddesses are never to be worshiped nor prayed to because though they have climbed their way up the ladder of life through acceptance of universal realities, they are just like you and I. How can they not be? They are our ancestors.


Beware of "God!" Singularly Speaking


Many "Gods and Goddesses" came from other worlds and together they seeded your planet of Angorius.


Beware those who call themselves "God" in the singular for they are of the ones who demand worship and penance, and set themselves up over the people as the one and only "God" in the universe leaving the duality of the female out.


Dear ones, you all have been sorely duped and lied to by every religious establishment, and it is now time to set the record straight in understanding exactly what your religious books have left out and changed for the modification of your knowledge and the benefit of certain people, and all at the expense of your spiritual growth and financial freedom.

       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries