28.   The Universal Blueprint Of The Law Of Forgiveness Of Karmic “Debt” (Part One)


Universal principle and law have long provided a way for man, woman, and child, if taught correctly, to free themselves from the burden of negative karma WITHOUT expecting another to do it for them. Let us not be selfish. Here is a working blueprint to help you on your way. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


"The Beloved in me is divinely inspired by the Beloved in you" Etheric soul-female

Dear ones, no religion can save you from your own misdeeds or deliberate wickedness. Noone can work off your karmic debt to another but yourselves, and they, to you.


Do you want to be "saved" from going through another lifestream with karmic hooks in your soul? Then work out your own "salvation" through the Universal Law of Forgiveness and free yourselves completely.


The following is a working relic of a law which is known throughout the universes, and practiced thereof.



Law of Forgiveness

Any other way is no more than a bandage solution. Jesus traversed to India and the Law of Forgiveness from Universal Principal is all he preached to the people and not about sacrificing himself nor others. This is not based on any religion, but rather, as the Master Teacher said: "It is based upon fact." - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries



I, (your full name...), forgive you (full name of person...), for anything you have said or done in thought, word or deed which has caused me pain or suffering in this lifetime or any other lifetime. I release you (full name of person...) from your karmic burden toward me. You are free! I am free!

And I (your full name...) ask you (full name of person...) to forgive me (your full name...) for anything I have said or done in thought, word or deed, which may have caused you pain or suffering in this lifetime or any other lifetime.

I am now released from my karmic burdens toward you which have held me in bondage incarnation after incarnation. I am free! You are free!

And I (your full name...) thank you, gods and goddesses of light for bringing the blueprint of knowledge of the Law of Forgiveness to my attention, and of the universal oneness, for the opportunity to forgive (full name of person...), and myself (your full name...), and I herewith do ask for only blessings upon the head of (full name of person...)as described in this Law of Forgiveness. (End of the Law of Forgiveness)