26.   The Horrors Of The Money Trick! 


Let us look at where "money" originated from, and the details of what has happened since it's implementation upon a world set apart as a waystation for many cultures from near and distant planets to come together as one HUman race and coordinate upon. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


Where Did Money Originate From?



July 22, 2012

Why do we need the money system, when paradise can be as close as our nose itself? In fact, it is right in front of your nose. We only have to build it.


The wicked ones as we know, who came from other worlds to conquer the children of the good star people here upon this planet of earth and water, tried to first deceive the children of the good star people telling them that it was not enough to just share one with another, their stories, their culture, their arts, their sciences, and their technological disciplines. The inhabitants were told they were missing something, and that something was money.


You Do Not Need Money to Bury the Dead!

If one runs out of money through lack of employment and finds him or herself with no safety net of any kind, personal or governmental, then that person may starve to death and be relegated to the morgue which the government will then pay a paltry penny to the undertaker. All money-run. "Hurry! Buy an expensive beautiful coffin for yourself or your loved one!" says the undertaker.


All on an equal payment plan to come out of your money as an added expense. I can assure you that the "dead" will not care what they are buried in. Be good to each other in the here and now, and do not wait until their body expires. You could bury them yourselves were it not for the rigid money system and your lands being taken from you by the conglomerates and government.


Would you believe that money is the great tribulation of all peoples? No? Well, let us look at the need for money in greater depth. Notice what the "need" for money is.


Paradise needs no money, for wickedness does not exist in a paradisaical world.

Let us continue:

The Banks Cull the Nations of Their Resources!

You never see the banks bail the people out of starvation or bail nations out of a national catastrophe. Why? Because they are ruthless and are not in the business of "compassionate service."


Banks "cull" the nations because they "kill" to acquire those natural resources belonging to the peoples and their nations.


The governing body of all national banks is the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) of which their main base is in Basil, Switzerland and the delegation members are not allowed to take written notes on what is being said there and the media is excluded from looking into the proceedings. They meet every sixty days. "Established on 17 May 1930, the BIS is the world's oldest international financial organisation." And who set them up? It was a combined effort of the City of London Corporation, New York Bankers, and Bankers from Washington, D.C.

After any type of catastrophe the national leaders are then forced to take loans from the World Bank to pay the contractors to rebuild the nation. It is loan sharking and the debt takes on interest or Reba which forfeits the leaders being able to pay the initial sum back. This interest and debt is then taken from the people, who, after such traumatic hardship, can no longer afford the debt, never mind the usury portion of the debt.


So, because the people can no longer afford to pay back the money to the government to give back to the World Bank, the bankers begin to steal assets of the people, and the nation. They fool the national leaders to sell the assets belonging to the people, to them, in the form of utility companies, in return for some national dept relief. This is how the banks steal the water and electrical rights through privatization. The health system also becomes privatized; the education is compromised and "new lessons" are taught falsifying history, for example, and promoting "economics and the banking system," and on and on this tragedy goes.


Money buys people to assassinate others. Many people would still be physically alive on this planet if there were no price of money on their lives. Then we have the industry of war which is one if not "the" largest money making business in the world, and continues to be so, no matter who suffers.

Lockerby Pan Am, Bali, Kenya, Tanzania, and Pearl Harbour - More False Flags

The downing of the Lockerby Pan Am was a false flag as was the downing of the twin towers in NY. Both of these catastrophes were a pretense for a later destruction of the three nations, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. When it was not believed that Iraq brought the towers down, Afghanistan was blamed. Drop bombs and chemical weapons and the banks make money. The industrial propaganda war machine makes money via western news outlets and many more bombs are made and disposed of on top of the heads of the innocent.


This is all money driven.

And let us never forget Pearl Harbour and that false flag. Then Bali, Kenya and Tanzania. Of the latter two the west contacted their allied military base which situated itself directly inside Palestine, asking them to come and "investigate." The leader of one of the two African nations asked if he might be included. He was refused. What exactly did the military base sitting in Palestine have to do with either of these almost simultaneously "bombed" embassies? What did they have to cover-up? Guess who got blamed and put your two and two together.


The lust for money can be blamed for marketing peoples' organs; black marketing people for slaves and sexual playthings; pharmaceuticals with their legalized drug trade; illegal drug trading; and because of "lack of money" (taken out of circulation) schools shut down leaving the people illiterate and those schools which remain open have teachers whom are instructed to feed their students falsified history to suit the wicked ones who cause all the trouble in the world with their money trick. Wickedness builds upon wickedness and the people suffer.



Iraq, President Saddam Hussein and the Banks!

In the Middle East, President Saddam Hussein was badly smeared and lied about, and his worst sin against the banker was to set up Iraq's own bank and charge 5 cents per litre at the gas pump, realizing the gas belonged to the people. Free education and free health care including free hospitalization for all were among the norm; free gas for the inner cities of the U.S. which was intercepted by the U.S. government and never made it into the inner cities was sent by President Saddam Hussein, himself.

Iraq was taken to great heights and eventually President Saddam Hussein won the UNESCO award for his advanced Health system which out rated all Health systems in the Middle East. And this was just the beginning. All this as well as many other generosities which were considered as standard upon worlds of much higher evolvement was never once mentioned by the propaganda machine of the world.

But all this made the evil ones very angry and they smeared and lied about the leader and they hired men with their money trick to take down the leader with promises of the Iraqi throne to be given to them, at a price of course. And that price was to hand over the natural resources to the west and its allied military base sitting over there in Palestine. So this was agreed upon and the other wicked ones wrote even more stories which were found to be not true. Saddam and his people were done a great injustice by a great many people.

Lybia, Colonel Qadaffi and the Banks!


In Africa, Colonel Qadaffi followed in giving the people their own bank and many true freedoms such as free education; free health care; free electricity; his government covered one-half the cost of those requiring a new vehicle; farmers were given free land, a free house, free equipment, free livestock and free seeds. Gas at the pumps was 14 cents to the gallon; Newlyweds received 50,000 toward housing; and the man-made river of water to be shared with all of Africa was one of Colonel Qadaffi's greatest dreams.

Now all of these rights, the west charges their own people for. And the west has the audacity to tell these nations they have no freedom.

Colonel Qadaffi's biggest sin as far as the bankers were concerned was to set up Libya's own bank. He had kept Libya out of debt and for this the banker wanted him removed. So the west again hired mercenaries to destroy his nation and foster dissent, and many foolish people thought they could sit in his chair. Then they would betray their own people for money and so they began to destroy their own paradise, which, likened unto Iraq, was being built for them all.

Both of these leaders were hard on those trying to destroy the paradise which they were, along with many of their people, trying to build.

Look at the Two Nations Now

And all this wickedness would end in one big hurry if the money system was dropped. No more cash, cheques, bounties, plastic cards, chips, or other promissory notes. Having a no-money system is the beginning of no more misery and the beginning of building a system, which in all of it's detail, offers a life of enthusiasm for the people, each and every one.

And best of all, no more false flags for destruction of nations, because each of those false flags was - money driven.

       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

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