24.   Each Drop Of Blood Shed By Slaves Becomes A Smile Awaiting A New Mouth


We are looking at whether or not the age-old money trick keeps you, the people, out of paradise. We take another look at India, Pakistan and Kashmire as a family of three people and you may be surprised at how easy ...Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries



Does the Money Trick Keep You Out of Paradise? Let Us Look Again at Kashmir


August 12, 2012

The system of money keeps you from regaining paradise, which is the case for all people in lifesteams of lower evolution where money is the basis for their economies. You, the people, will have to decide which new life you want when you reincarnate: tears from slavery or smiles from the enjoyment of freedom.


Dear ones, it is the money system which holds every good project in abeyance to the banking cabal. You cannot "have" anything without paying money for it.


It is the monetary system of either numbers or cash flow which keeps paradise from being built. You cannot "build" without paying with money for some aspect of that which you wish to build.


Love of money, dear ones, has war as its natural consequence.


The system of money is what keeps you, the people, out of your own hand-built paradise. Therefore, each drop of blood shed by slaves to the money system, those same slaves who insist upon building their paradise to enter into in the next lifestream, becomes a smile awaiting a new mouth.


Democratic elections are also a reason that war so often is stepped up. Becoming elected often comes about with "favours" promised to those who fight against the people for the candidates' own profits.


Therein do the candidates say to themselves: "We must agree to go and conquer nations stealing their resources and then will we stuff away the kickbacks within our own offshore banking accounts."


Bribe money is prevalent in every election and worms its way throughout the next four years. In addition comes the need for more offshore accounts through the never-ending and continuous laundering of money - your money.


Dear ones, it is imperative to understand the range of diverse economic and religious corruption which hold the people as slaves in bondage to the banking group in order to understand the problem so as to implement the solution.


The day the people and the leaderships of the nations opt for their true status of Humanity: H = holy, U = universal, man or woman by behaving properly, both respect and cooperation with the Federation of Free Planets and their original economic system, will be theirs.


That will be the day in which the money laundering scamists will no longer be able to threaten nor blackmail any more nations into compliance under the corrupt corporate banking system of the One World Order Police State, nor run the planet and its people into financial despair.


Any time monetary debt is held over the heads of governments and their people as a "means of survival" that is the time the governments and their people must reverse their tactics and eliminate that which holds them all in bondage.


Inasfar as Pakistan and India are concerned, we, working with the Federation of Free Planets more than 8 years ago, gave to both leaderships and their people the understanding of the universal economics which several of the other nations had been given, and the people of both nations loved it and adopted the theory but were prevented from putting it into practice. They pleaded with both governments to implement it before any more bloodshed would take place in Kashmir.


Kashmir is likened to a child, with both parents forever bickering and fighting as to which religion that child should embrace, and whom that child's loyalties should fall toward. How can that child be aptly protected then without being caught in the crossfire with both parents pointing guns at one another while the child stands in the middle watching it all?


However, both, the Pakistani government as well as the government of India did not wish to allow the people to have their way with the original economic system, even though the people at that time demanded it and were backed eventually by the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Countries.


This would then have solved the Kashmir problem, for independence comes only when liberty is first gained, leaving neither Pakistan nor India without credibility in the Kashmir region, instead trading back and forth one with another without the need for money. Imagine all three working as a family, with the child being allowed to stand upon its own two feet whilst the parents partake of the good the child offers back without loss of independence to itself.


       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries