21.   Why Fight Against Paradise..?

This article I have written myself, and I delve into the details of why certain ones do not wish to give others, a paradisaical system, and who, indeed are involved in this atrocity against the people, themselves. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


Who Wants Paradise..?!


July 21, 2012

The fight against paradise is one of the highest forms of selfishness. Those who engage in it do not want to let go of the financial advantage they have over others. They are not interested in achieving a paradisaical freedom for any of the people. They only want to retain the money system and the power it gives for themselves.


Some governments work for the people and others work against the people. And some people work against the paradisaical system in order to gain power and temporary wealth unto themselves through betraying the peoples of the nations and keeping them far away from building the paradisaical system they crave.


A government which is not there for the people is not worth even being around.


Likewise, if you live within a tax system instead of under universal principle and law, which forbids Reba, or taxes, you will always live within utter chaos, and you cannot fix a problem with the same method which created the problem in the first place.


In addition to this, you then have the religious leaders saying to you: "You do not need lots of money, you need paradise in heaven, but give to us your tithing. Do not concern yourselves in building paradise now, but you must wait until you are dead to enter into Paradise! Therefore tithe us your money and we will pray for you."


Both, taxation and religion, walk on the same footing, and that footing states: we must protect the financial system for it serves us well and gives us a powerful advantage over others who are the slaves to it. Nothing could be further from building a paradise on earth than that.


People, what you build now will be your paradise in your next life. You cannot build paradise with money and taxes.


Now, the goal of these privileged wealthy few is occupation and infiltration of the nations around the world. In the Middle East and Africa, when the people protested, Blackwater and others of likeness were put in and began shooting the protesters, just as they did in Iran, and are doing in Syria, Yemen, and other nations, and blaming the shootings on the Presidential troops. This is how the wrong type of revolution gets started.


In Pakistan, over 10,000 Blackwater-type mercenaries landed on a U.S. base. From there they were dispersed to Yemen, Libya, Syria, as well as other nations, dressed as Arabs, Africanis, or whatever was needed. They already had the guns funded by the west itself who like to blame others for their wicked deeds.


As we all know, the lifeblood of any nation is water.


The irrigation system invented by Colonel Qaddafi for pure water was to be offered to all needy nations inside of Africa as well as inside Libya. What the Americans and their allies did to Libya, they are now doing to Syria, and I am speaking about stealing the water rights.


Can you imagine what would happen if water was turned off to the Arab nations in the north? Can you imagine the power the west and their allied military base sitting in Palestine would have over them all?


President Mubarak, for all his wrong-doing in keeping Egypt's border to Gaza closed, was trying to keep Egypt from ending up like the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. He was afraid the Palestinians would flood into Egypt and fight the west's allied military base sitting in Palestine, from Egyptian soil. President Mubarak was also concerned in keeping the Muslim Brotherhood from becoming too strong and being influenced by Iran.


In ancient times Egypt was one of the first nations which recorded their allegiance to the starships and star people. It held no religion of any kind. That changed with the generations, and loss of knowledge, and military rule became the norm. That was not good either.


Egypt will now protect itself, but we hope in doing so it will not end up like Gaza, or the West Bank, nor knuckle its people down in a more religious way.


Iran has attacked no nation militarily in over 200 years, and are a dear people. But as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made great strides toward good brotherhood feelings between himself and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the Ayatollah of Iran was stirring up trouble for the Arab nations with Saudi Arabia being one of his main targets.


On Press TV the Ayatollah told the Sunni Arabs to join with the Shiites and overturn the Arab governments. Whereas President Ahmadinejad worked for peace, the Ayatollah worked subversively for war, making Iran an island in the majority of the Arab and Sunni Arab world.


In Lebanon the hidden hand murdered the former President Rafic Hariri in order to turn Lebanese public opinion against Hezbollah and weaken Hezbollah's effectiveness in defending Lebanon against the west and the west's allied military base sitting in Palestine. The west intended to stop Hezbollah from protecting Syria and Syrian waters from the west and their allied military base sitting in Palestine, through the trick of trying to get Sheik Hassan Nasrallah into de Hague on false charges.


The Americans and their allies love to do evil deeds and then to blame others for them.


The Ayatollah of Iran is also instigating uprisings against Arab governments because the Ayatollah wants Iran to be the center of a paradisaical order, however in a "religious" format. To us, that is unacceptable, for the paradise we are building has no borders and is not religious. Building paradise begins with dispensing correct and truthful information.


So, the west's allied military base positioned in Palestine insists upon attacking Iran and doing completely away with Palestine. Look on any modern map. Palestine is no longer there. The western allied military base sitting in Palestine has an agenda which is far from peaceful for any people.


You see the story is coming to its conclusion.


In addition, because of the Christian Bible's connotation on the "evils of Babylon," as taught throughout the generations, Iraq was smashed. This was not simply due to the so-called weapons of mass destruction, or to our giving Iraq a blueprint for a paradisaical system, but was due to a teaching which was passed up throughout the generations by religionists. So, the Christian community of the west had been long deceived into thinking that their allied military base sitting in Palestine has priorities over all other nations, which could not be further from the truth.


But the truth has long been disguised by fiction.

       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries