19.   Federation Of Free Planets, President Thomas Jefferson, And This World

We begin with a quote from a former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson and continue in examining the need for the righteous people to protect themselves and their nations against those who would rather see you all dead in your graves if it keeps them wealthy and in power. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


Government And Its History Of Acclamations

October 18, 2012

Dear ones, let us cover several topics today. This first section has to do with the words of a former President of the United States of America. As enlightened as many of his words are there is a portion which I do take to comment upon.

This quote is not scribed material.



"Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political; peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none;" Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Address (End quote)


Under the Federated body of planets and nations seen therein, each nation needs to align itself with other nations in order to protect itself and its neighbours from invasion and occupation and never should a nation align itself with another nation nor a group of nations for the purpose of invasion and occupation of another.


Even the Federation of Free Planets join together to protect the paradisaical worlds. What do you think would happen if they did not? Those worlds would be faced with invasion and occupation from those worlds led by the money tricksters.


For an example let us look at NATO whose business it was not to involve themselves in the internal affairs of the United States as she decided to invade and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq.


Such folly saw NATO involved in another tyranny after it was proven that the taking down of the towers was not done by any of the invaded nations.


On that day New York saw people rejoicing and dancing in the street, whom after an arrest was made on them were let go to go back to where they had come from - the military base which occupies Palestine.


Let us proceed.


Government does not need to “do for the people.” Enlightened leaders set up the system of paradisaical economics and societal structure for the people, but the people are the ones who do all. They do not need governments to do the building and controlling for them. People must not give their power over to governments, especially “elected” personnel who do not have the system of economics from the Federation of Free Planets in detailed format nor want it.


The ones who invaded this earthen society millennia ago with their money trick and false concepts which assisted in creating religions, have infiltrated all sectors of society and that is why criminal activity is prevalent among all branches and organizations of society today throughout most of the world. These wicked ones work also in a oneness throughout the network of society from the ground up and the top down. It just takes a phone call.


Many whose agenda has been placed as a yoke upon the necks of the people consider themselves offended if anyone objects to their heavy-handedness, yet is it not an offense to make one believe that which another insists they believe, whether it be history, governmental and military action, type of education, among many other things; and if the people refuse this heavy-handedness upon their intellect, souls, and living situation, they become persecuted?


It is amazing when one begins to understand the enormity of this willful sacrilege done to the people in all categories of their lives.


Next. Let us stop being ridiculous concerning erroneous beliefs about UFO’s and their inhabitants. It is time the people grew up; those of you who are still in the toddler stage.


People speak and authorities hype about ‘invasion of aliens” in order to frighten the people away from those in the starships whom are their ancestors who have come back as they promised they would in order to rescue their posterity. Since that promise was given, the generations, the same generations who have not managed to get themselves off the money trick/religious wheel have reincarnated up until this time.


At the same time those who had first invaded the societies have also reincarnated up unto this day with their religion and money trick to ensnare the slaves they have made of all people over the generations save that of their own kind millennia ago. So, beloved ones, you need not any longer fear a unholy invasion of “aliens” for they invaded millennia ago and are still holding you hostage to their economic/religious system.


Finally comes the last portion. Let us see what we have here.


We hear over our news media the concern of one person not offending another. This suits those well who wish nobody to show them in a bad light and have no stand themselves, from which they may argue from.


Within this society it is a daily occurrence to disagree or point out errors or wickedness whenever one generally speaks. It is called dialogue. And whereever a disagreement occurs then dialogue is the proper outlet for coming to a conclusion. Of course, if one nation is invaded by another nation then dialogue is not going to help much. We all know that.


If dialogue is taken away because it “offends” somebody, then that offended one just cannot stand upon his or her own feet in a contest of ideas, facts or what-have-you. So let us open the books and see what we have.


Whom exactly is offending whom?


Dear ones, it is important, to be sure, to unmask the lies of history as printed and taught in our schools and universities and over the mainstream media, but do not forget about your present time in the here and now. Why is this? Because unless you deal with the situation today placed as a yoke upon your necks by the masqueraders of light who keep you in financial and religious bondage, not allowing you to think for yourselves without some form of punishment to be metted out on those who use their intellect, you will never regain the power they have taken from you, the people. You must therefore regain your power back unto yourselves in order to open the forbidden books of history and see what had actually been written.


When you discover the truth of what really happened, then reality opens your mind to more possibilities not considered before. Until you come to the realization you have been fed nothing but distorted facts and lies, you will be no less than astounded at the rapid change in the thinking and the scope of understanding of not only yourself but of those people around you; and sadness will turn to hope, and despair to elation.


Do not be led any longer as sheep to the slaughterhouses of the tyrant people who once came from the worlds of hatred, greed, avarice, lies, and deception, enacting their tyranny upon the each one of you up unto this day.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries