17.   What Really Happened In Afghanistan?

Dear readers, the wickedness against Afghanistan and Iraq by the west and NATO is cataclysmic in its ongoing theft of the nations’ resources and the destruction of the DNA of the people, themselves, through chemical warfare which even the soldiers of the west and NATO breathe in, themselves. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


What About Afghanistan and What is True?

If Afghanistan had no resources for the west to covet then, of course, the only underlying reason left is to provide a military base for future attacks on the Arab nations should they not tow the line in harmony with the wishes of the United States and its fortified allied base sitting in the middle, so to speak, of Palestine.


July 26, 2012

We know the west loves to invade and occupy other nations in order to force their democracy into the corridors of other nations' parliaments, and this not only for forcing "democracy" on them, but for the purpose of gaining control of and stealing their resources for their own profit. They feel military occupation is key to retaining that control over natural resources.


After destroying nations and overthrowing their rulers, the west places marionette rulers into governmental positions, and when elections are held, the west cheats the people out of an honest vote for their own representatives.


The true foes of the west are those rulers who wish to work on giving their people their rightful freedoms they deserve by way of free electricity and water, gas and oil at great discount, free health care and education, among other access rights.


Now, every four years the one sitting in office can be voted out or remain in. If he or she is trying to build paradise for the people, and by vote rigging he or she is turned out of office, then all falls asunder and the building of paradise is traded for a new man or woman selling out the nation's resources to the banks and to the west. A substantial amount gravitates into their own accounts by practicing corruption - and to hell with the people. This is why at the last moment in time African leaders turned on Colonel Qadaffi and showed where their allegiance really stood, and it was not on the side of the people.


Dear ones, when parliament is drawn up with people who know nothing about what it takes in minute detail to build a paradise for the people under their care, then fragmentation of minds take place. And when each parliamentarian cannot agree with the other, the evil sneaks in and creates even more dissension as bribes, threats, and blackmail are delivered to certain ones who then guarantee that the west acting under the direction of the heavily fortified military base situated inside Palestine, is given full consideration toward a foreign policy not of its own making, targeting even their own people.


"You see dear ones, paradise should not be a place with problems, but rather a place which has eliminated all problems though the Oneness of the Universal Mind, which distinctly comprises of the higher evolved Beings, whether they be the enlightened starship commanders, or higher evolved Beings from other worlds within the Universes."


(Quote taken from my Blueprint for Iraq of which is held in all it's minute detail by ourselves). A short speech:

Many western nations who uphold "democracy" which, in itself, is a fragmented type of government, continue fragmenting other nations through bombing and dropping chemical weapons, alongside with covert operations on the ground.


This is why the west loves "democracy." Democracy in all its fragmented state leaves plenty of room and opportunity for wicked people to cause dissension inside the nation, who then take the knife and cut that cake into many portions for each one in parliament to endow each other with grand offshore bank accounts.


Democracy in Libya, and Iraq, not to mention other nations, for instance, has taken away all the good their leaders had given their people, and left their nations in chaos.


We tried to help. In the case of Afghanistan, the Taliban, who were going along with the agricultural blueprint as given them over the internet to enable the people to cultivate a different type of income than income from poppy cultivation, outlawed all drug trade inside Afghanistan. It took headlines in Great Britain and the world was astounded at the Taliban and their people.


A British Anchorman of the BBC and some of its reporters quit their jobs, and others were fired for releasing the truth about the Taliban's success in stopping drug exportation. The state-run BBC, in their own eyes, was now back in order with the truth once again pushed well under the rug.


The Taliban had captured three missionary ladies. Finally they released them. These ladies spoke over the news broadcasts. They were asked how they had been treated. The two ladies from Great Britain said that the Taliban had given them quarters nicer than even their own. Beautiful Afghan rugs decorated the floor. The three ladies were allowed to room together in order that they would not be lonely and all three ladies, which included the American, said they would at a drop of a hat go back to Afghanistan and work with the Taliban even though they would not be allowed to continue in their missionary work.


When the BBC put this over the news channel, the two British ladies were told by their governments to keep quiet. The American lady was told the same.

The west would not have it and lied about the Taliban, saying they bombed girls' schools, cut fingers off their hands and all other types of outrageous lies.


Like Iraq, so much as been done in Afghanistan to destroy the soul of the nation, that even all the brutal bombing of the solid structures initially put up by the U.N. to house food, medical supplies, tents, blankets, and many many other emergency necessities could not possibly come close to naming all the injustices and horrors done to these two nations by the west.


When the Taliban was thrown out of its seat of power, the U.S. told the Afghanis that they needed "elections." The Americans started up the poppy drug trade again and were making money hand over fist whilst the Afghanis were losing everything including the hope for a much better life.


So a new leader picked by the United States was put in power, and Afghans came from as far as Pakistan to join in with the elections, but the Americans really did not want this. So, as the convoy of Afghans were on route to Kabul from the outreaches of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Americans began picking them off, so very few even made it. The Americans had their man, and he did what he was told, even though he began to regret it after the carnage came upon his people by his "allies," the Americans.


The American President, who is on a carnal power trip and after swearing his allegiance to the military base situated over there in Palestine, took office, and once again the American sons and daughters were used to fight their "ally's" wars, the ally which takes precedence over all, at all times; and the American people's money is used to fund the wars as well as the overseas military base positioned in Palestine while, they, the people, are thrown out of their homes, and jobs, and are beaten down at home.


Right now the President of the United States does not wish to attack Iran, so in order to pacify the forever-fighting-its-neighbours military base over the sea in Palestine, the President announces the U.S. will attack Syria instead. Of course, this is to give the allied military base Syrian waters to do with as they please, which would be to control the northern Arab/Islamic nations by turning the "tap off" any time they disagree with Israel. Democracy is at best an inherent evil, for fragmentation of a nation, a government, or a people, will never result in unity.


Without the oneness, which the wicked ones know well how to utilize among themselves, this world and its nations will forever be wracked with chaos and subservience to the wicked of this planet if there be nothing to counteract and remove it.

BLUEPRINTS - Federation Of Free Planets

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries