16. Gold Bullion Is Not The Answer, Beloveds


During these hard and difficult times, many people are rushing to buy themselves "gold bullion" - but is this really the way to financial security before the floor drops out from underneath you? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries 

Is Buying Gold Bullion The Way To Financial Security?


September 2, 2012

Beloveds, the ones who keep you checked concerning everything you do in life, are the same ones who say amongst one another: "If they (the people) ever find out our secret - the oneness of our working together behind the scenes against all of them - then we are finished!"


Dear ones, taxes likewise work against the people. Look at your bridges and highways, your bus and transit systems, your housing departments and quality of construction therein. What good have your taxes done you there?


All money could have been written into existence, and all those issues be dealt with in one swift effort without you now paying interest on the funds which the banker advanced by the "stroke of his pen," so to speak! Many even under the capitalist system could be with excellent paying jobs. But instead, you the people, pay taxes over and over again; your annual property taxes, export taxes, income taxes, and you get the picture.


You, the people, also give and give and give to organizations who try to help others - yet the banker gives nothing ever at any time. The banking system tricks the people by taking and taking and yet insisting the people help themselves through charity donations, until the dear and sweet people have nothing left in their pockets to "give" any more at all.


The produce which is sold in supermarkets, or the eggs which farmers across the border in Canada are unable to sell, the money conglomerates make them throw out instead of feeding the many made-homeless people due to the gluttony of the banks; or the many starving schoolchildren who are unable to learn for lack of proper diet!


And, of course, many cures have been found for cancer, diabetes, and sundry other illnesses; the knowledge of such cures the money men keep away from auspices, which have been set up for the people to acquire medical help. People are expected to give of their donations to these societies, yet cures can never be found in the hands of the people to keep their donations from being a waste of money.


Under the system of paradisaical or stellar economics usury is out-and-out against every principle of elevating man and womankind up the ladder of evolvement into creating a wonderful paradisaical world for themselves, their families, and their neighbours whether they know them at this time in their lives or not.


Just think what a wonderful tradition you would have and what an enamoured heritage to give to your children - PARADISE! - in all of its glory!


This is not just a catch-phrase in a church doctrine, nor does it belong in any other religion as being a state after physical death, for paradise is what you create for yourselves and others in the here and now.


Do not expect to return to a paradise which you have not even begun to create in this life after your physical body expires.


It is not as important that you do not succeed in building your better life whilst you are here on earth. What IS IMPORTANT is that you begin and work hard at it. Then, and only then, as you reincarnate into your next life, you will earn that which you have worked for in this life.


Let us speak of gold bullion, little ones. Your people are claiming that gold is the way forward before your banking systems collapse. We tell you that that is not evident nor has it been evident in any lifestream you have lived since gold was first taken out of circulation.

Do you really think that gold will be given back to you as it once was?

No, it will not.

When the money trick was put into existence all the people's gold was taken in exchange for a gold certificate.


Throughout the ages, these certificates replaced all of the people's gold.


Now, if you buy the gold on the stock markets, for instance, you simply are given another type of note called a gold certificate saying you own a certain amount of gold.


But try to collect on that gold certificate and you will get a big surprise, for most of your gold is in the hands of the ones who own the money trick, and they have stored your gold away in places like the United States' Federal Reserve and the inner City of London, one of the largest banking conglomerates in the entire world. Even the Federal Reserve, dear ones, belongs to the inner City of London which is likened unto a state of its own.


In other words, this gold certificate becomes worthless when the money system becomes abolished because holders of such certificates will never be able to collect on the actual gold.


Therefore, please do not be deceived, for your gold certificate is worth nothing, really, and therein have the money holders tricked you, the people, once again.

When the paradisaical system is put in place all gold held by the money lenders and enemies of the people in general, will be to them also useless.


Gold will still be used for electronics and jewelry, that is true, but compared to its use now-a-days in using gold as a tool to manipulate the price and value of the currency, gold will be useless when money is no longer in use.


Therein beloveds, remember this: anything which can be bought with a type of money currency is that which will not last and will always serve to hold, you, the people, in utter and complete - bondage.


And keep you and your families - out of PARADISE.


       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries