12. The Nations and the System Which is Killing Them All

Surely the intents of the government of India must be the same as the government of neighbouring Pakistan, intent upon fleecing the nation of Kashmir and pressing their religious dominance. But if both governments would value the people of their own nations and the people of Kashmir, they would gain incredible advantage over the banking system.


If both sides, both parents, are so concerned about the child Kashmir, then of course they must understand that the truth of the universal acumen is One in its overall application of the sensibility that the Master Teachers of both "religions" as they call them, never disagreed at all. Only the ones who tampered with the scribings have brought upon themselves the makings of mankind's religions, implementing lower-mankind's corrupted version of the universal reality and its economic system.


This of course, results in chaos, war and ridiculousness, through which your governments have also waylaid you, the people into, simply because they refuse to adhere to the universal principle of the economic system under the Federation of Unified Nations.


Without the present monetary system, there would be no possible reason for the population of any nation to halt the building of whatever they as a nation of unity wish to build. Nothing then could stand in their way of progress.


Now take China, the Netherlands, Turkey as well as other nations of the world who bring coal to the surface to be utilized as fuel. In all these places the coal mines are nothing more than a deadly trap, but the people who work in these horrible places are told they must do so if they wish to survive under the One World Order Monetary System:


"Do or die."


Another nation, Great Britain, has wonderfully modified its electricity generating system from coal to other forms of power generation, to less than fifty percent; yet the coal mining remains, and for this reason are the poor coal workers still working and physically dying in a living hell underground.


The Commonwealth is an arm of exploitation from the industrialized nations. Who, in their right mind, wants to take advice from a nation or group of nations which cannot even see themselves out of a debt which most nations do not even owe but are blackmailed into?


What chance do the poor people of England have? They cry for lower education costs, jobs, and better housing whilst their royal family spend 60 million on a royal wedding for a day. Then came the Great Jubilee. England boasts of Buckingham palace with its 775 rooms. Of the occupied and reserved rooms which of which total 429,346 rooms are left unused. The Queen and her husband share only small apartments within the monstrosity whilst England's homeless live on the street.


There is something drastically wrong with this imbalance of riches over poverty.


It is not separatism for any nation to separate itself from a conglomerate such as the Commonwealth, for the Commonwealth is a working product for the enhancement of the western allied military base stationed so firmly in Palestine.


Beloveds, may the gods and goddesses, who reign so high up in your firmament, the same of whom are your relatives, give you all the good grace through their words to understand that it is the present money system which is killing you all.


In circumspect to the nickel and dime store, the so-called third world nations do not need to analyse their way out of so-called foreign ties of debt to the International banker through trade on the so-called international free market. The free trade market is a freedom for only those who hold the bank and industrial strings, and not for the people.


Rather, nations who come gallantly under the original economic system will enjoy the trade without money, without usury of any type, and this means people who work within the trade non-boundary section of the Federation of Planetary Worlds, will have absolutely no dependence upon the banking run nations of this particular world.


Your nations are a mess and this mess is toxic, however, this mess can be strategically ended.

May the universe with all its intelligence, give to the peoples of this world, Angorius, a presence of mind with the ability to think.

       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries