07. Talents Gifts DNA Heaven Earth Explanation

In this article, we come to the understanding whether the child receives "gifts" from the parents or from "God" as the religionists like to quip. Where does the child receive his or her talents? This truth was cauterized out of the pages of the Bible itself and as more new additions are printed more valid texts have disappeared. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries



The Akashic Board

July 15, 2012

When the child is born or rather BEFORE the child is born to a parent it is heavily discussed among the heavenly council, the Akashic Board, exactly whom that child shall be born to, in particular, in the case of child genius.


This goes for every culture. The child comes with its own DNA manifestation and talents which he or she has acquired through difficult and steady work, lifestream after lifestream.


In the case of a musician for instance, that child may be born to a set of parents who are both not gifted, but rather, talented, having earned the right to their acclamation before the world scene.


In other words they both, the man and the woman, come back to this particular earthen planet we call Angoriaus for the sole purpose of ENJOYING or REAPING what they have sown in other lifestreams.


Different Families?


When that man and the woman have a child, that child will most likely, unless there is a reason otherwise, be also reincarnated into the same family of a particular group which he or she once in the past, as you call it, decided to work IN HARMONY TOGETHER with musical talents COMBINED.


The GIFT which is then given is given at the time of conception wherein the father passes through his sperm his particular DNA which has coded within it his own musical talents which may be a little diverse from that of the child which he passes it on to. This is where the term "gift from God" or "gift from my father in heaven" first originated from. For we have all at some time emigrated from another planet to this One.


The woman likewise may pass along her talents which she has so aptly worked hard at acquiring through the rotation of child and egg. In other words, when the child is the egg the mother at that time is INFUSED with the child through and through and this is where the heavy, at most times, bonding of the child to the mother occurs at childbirth and beyond. Then the sperm is delivered to format the child into the likeness of both parents with the eldest usually resembling first the father if the child be female and the mother if the child be a son.

This is the story of the gift of the talents from heaven. It is unfortunate, however, that the mother is usually if not always, left out in linguistical diagram.

        - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries