06. How Is It We Do Not Live Only One Life?


July 17, 2012

Now let us move on to the misconception of believing one "lives only once" and yet "everyone is created equal."


To begin with, nothing pertaining to the reality of the universe is ever religious, which is why no stumbling block is ever placed in the way of knowledge and understanding.


If all who are born upon this planet are created equal then why are some born brilliant whilst others are born not so brilliant? Why are some born blind whilst others see? Why are some born deformed whilst others are beauteous of body? We could go on and on, the list is almost endless, but we will stop here and answer this first question.


No matter how you look at it, it is not equality when all are not born equal. We are all equal pertaining to our rights. But we are not equal in our abilities, for abilities and talents are worked at and earned over countless lifestreams.

Each of us are reborn into a new lifestream as the sum total of that which we are, which we have earned, learned and applied, either to the positive or to the negative. All is for a process of learning in order to bring us closer to where we wish and need to be.


The Akashic Council and the School of Life

The soul may have asked the Akashic Council to allow it to be tested in certain schools. The soul may have also karmic backlash in how he or she in a prior incarnation treated another. There are diverse scenarios. To experience we learn to become better souls who will one day achieve a higher standard of life in a higher evolved world. If not, the soul will be continuing on the same wheel of life upon one lower evolved planet or another, over and over again, never achieving full happiness.


We, as sentient Beings, are in a school. We are born into the school of life. We start at the beginning and after many many lifestreams, and hopefully we progress positively, we begin to gain wisdom with the accumulation of our knowledge.


For example, in your schools, some dear ones pass the first grade with languages and social studies as their top grade, whilst they need to accumulate more experience with the sciences or art and gymnastics. So they may be held over in those subjects and come back again to learn better those particular lessons. And you progress all the way through school, university and many experiences rung by rung.


It is the same with lifestreams. The joy of learning is the ultimate goal of every human being.


When you learn, you progress, and when you progress, you finally hit the first rung of one of the many worlds or planets who have achieved Paradisaical living. In this Paradise, you then continue on in that first grade upward, not needing to come back to a world which is lowly evolved, unless you wish to assist others on their upward journey, here in the physical.

You work your way to your own salvation, so to speak, and no matter what you believe no one can do it for you. You have to earn your own experiences so they are truly your own.


During your own experiences, you build character, achieve knowledge and wisdom and no one can do that for you, as you can see.


There is much to be said on this topic as well, but perhaps a little at a time is all we need to begin our journey of understanding of the universes and their wisdom.


If diversity of religion bring about wars then neither side have understood one thing your Prophets and Master Teachers including Buddha and Vishnu have ever spoken to you in the past, present, nor in this future.

       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries