03. What is the Hullabaloo About UFO's (Part three)

Those Behind the Government Hide the Truth!


What are Your Government's Keeping From You?

July 18, 2012

Dear people came to this earth in starships, left their offspring who have reincarnated over and over into the future generations, and have been severely duped by the ones who brought the money trick.


Our ancestors who left the citizens of other planets on this earth, departed when the bad people came and at that time our ancestors were not militarily strong so they promised they would come back one day and rescue their generations. You see, there was not enough room to take all the prodigy back with them. And to this day, the bad ones are trying to stop the "UFO's" from keeping their promise to their prodigy.


The controllers who lurk behind most of this world's government forbid your scientists to tell you the truth behind the continual appearance of your ancestors. They lock up in mental institutions all those scientists and astronauts who "talk." The rest they kill along with their families. So, it is not safe for the scientists nor astronauts to talk about what they know.


The inhabitants of UFOs, meaning, as we know, "unidentified flying objects" have always identified themselves to both your governments as well as to you, the citizens of this planet earth, through their words in telepathic scribing, visitations of certain people and showing themselves as "signs in the skies" to all. "Look up! for your redemption (or rescue) is near" has always been a well-known phrase spoken up throughout the generations, and one we are all most familiar with.


All throughout texts up through the ages, starships were depicted until someone thought to take the word "ship" away from the word "star." But that is not all they did. They made it heresy for those who telepathically speak to those who are also telepathic upon starships, and persecuted them, and we are no exception. The ones who occupy this planet are the ones which are kept away from this earth's moon. Let us continue.


So, to keep their own planets safe, the exterior rim of each planet is guarded by Federation Star Ships, who, likened to the starships who make up the big and little dipper, whose lights dim from time to time as they change ships for sabbatical, sit in one place and are armed to the teeth. But no ship carrying pilot or crew from those worlds such as this particular one, whom have the urge to invade and occupy planets in "outer space" are allowed 150 of our miles near any world including your earth's moon.


Yes, those are lights you do see on the perimeters of the moon and buildings too, though the side you do not see, is inhabited and lush greenery is prevalent in all places. We will go into that a little later.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries