02. What is the Hullabaloo About UFO's (Part two)

Earth, the Waystation of the Galaxy!

July 18, 2012

This particular earth was so beautiful it was chosen as a way-station for the intergalactic people from other worlds. A way-station is simply a station away from home, or away from other planetary worlds.


Those from other worlds were to come to this earth, some for refueling, for not all were at the technical level of space travel without fuel, but that was not all. The people from different worlds were to set up an experiment. The experiment was that each pure race of people choose a portion of land. There were many people of different races and the earth was large, so the people were to learn to live peacefully together on the same planet, and to begin with, they were to share with one another, their culture, their technology, their arts, their wisdom, to educate one another in all aspects of the others' planetary homeland afar, and at this time not to mix races in marriage, for until they learned to live, one with another upon the same planet, intermarriage, which they called unions, could raise problems.


Upon higher-evolved worlds, the races keep separate for the most part, but continually visit one another to learn and appreciate that which the other has. It all works very well.


The very first landing was in what we call today as Iraq. From there the star people migrated to what is now Egypt, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia - all of whom claim they had paradise first. And they are all right, except that Iraq was the first place in the land of Ur, meaning Urban, or to make Urban, where the starships landed. In South America other people of other races landed in what is called Aztec and built pyramids there, as well as in Egypt. This happened the world over.


The pyramids in Egypt were built as control towers to contact the starships, much as your men and women in airport control towers speak to the pilots in your aeroplanes. Data of impending dangers or other information was passed onto the starship captains and commanders.


The starship commanders and their crews built the great pyramids using laser technology. That is why not a hairwidth remained between the carefully incisered blocks.


Later, so as not to alarm the people who had by that time forgotten the story of their relatives who brought their ancestors to this earth, the Pharaohs and one particular Queen of Egypt wore special headdresses which resembled the cobra snake. These headdresses contained a special insert or antenna by which the Queen or Pharaohs could successfully speak to the starships without detection. But they were not the only ones. The "gods" and "goddesses" had passed on their instruments in their headwear to the Pharaohs and particular Queen of Egypt for direct contact with the starships. Many knowledgeable bad ones wanted the pyramids destroyed and eventually the cap was taken off. We will pick up on this later.

       - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries