01. What is the Hullabaloo about UFO's? (Part one)


Dear ones, we begin our postings with this article for the understanding of your minds as you have been fed so much irresponsible information upon this subject.

Part one of this first article speaks of the correct concept of looking at extraterrestrial craft as you call it, whilst part two speaks of the first landing upon this earth by our ancestors and what exactly did happen at that time under the subtitle of "Earth, the Way-station of the Galaxy!" - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries July 18, 2012


UFO's, starplanes, or starships, whatever you like to call them, are flying vehicles. They take the pilot and crew, and sometimes citizens of other worlds to wherever they are destined to travel.


Just as you have aeroplanes which take you to different continents, so do the starships take their pilot, crew, and sometimes citizens, to other worlds or planets.


Remember what it must have been like for certain tribal regions to see their first aeroplane? They must have believed before they laid eyes on the white man that they were gods in strange flying machines. But for those who flew the machines, this was an everyday experience for them.


Are then many of the inhabitants of this particular earthen planet not acting in the same way as some of those old tribal regions?


It is sad to know that many people of this particular world are not even familiar with their own galactic history, and therefore run from their very relatives who have come to see and teach them what they need to know, even before catastrophe hits concerning rescue on the way - a promise which was given the generations not long after this world was inhabited.


You see, you are all extraterrestrials. You come from a mixture of planets and intergalactic races. Each of you come from a highly evolved culture whether to the positive or the negative, because not only did the good people come but so did the bad people who wanted nothing more than to control the people of this earth with their money trick, putting the good people under bondage and taking the land they were sharing one with the other, and making them work for them until they were too weak to fight back.

        -    Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries