President Duterte "Sir:"


Good Morning.


The "Pamphet" of 2016 describing the "Community Pantries" of which name we find beautiful and applicable, is now coming to bear fruit taking the act of charity toward the poor and making it into a "state of being" by the People themselves; removing the indignity of handouts.


See:  261. The PAMPHLET - Poor Working For Each Other!

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A young lady in 2021 took this portion of the Blueprint and thoughtfully tried to put it in motion after two young lads and ourselves failed because of lack of support from the media and Catholic Church in 2016.


It was a good beginning, however, more wish to now become involved, namely the POLICE.


Plot twist: From community pantries to police-run 'Barangayanihan' |



Police Lt. Col. Joel Nacua, spokesperson for the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office confirmed to in a phone call that police in the area were required to set up community pantries of their own.

He stressed though, that the pantries are called "Barangayanihan", which he said willl run until May.

Nacua said resources for the pantries would be given by police personnel. 



This Blueprint is "for" the People of which the Police are a part of in all sense of the Word.


Therefore, for the Police to take the newly formed "Community Pantry" and rename it to the "police-run Barangayanihan" though it would seem sensible, actually is taking away from the citizens "therapy" in working with one another in the sense of each One contributing as they take from the tables, leaving in exchange that which they are able, in some form of exchange to help another whether it be in the form of a story or even a recipe.


This is where dignity remains and charity is vanquished.

Until the government is set up to match the Blueprint, the Police taking over the Community Pantries is just another expression and act of government control over the people.


This is a community effort and as soon as the police put on the uniform they come under the control also of the government which at this time is not a government of the People because it remains under the Capitalist money management.


The Community Pantries are to run year round, for lack of food or resources does not stop in May of 2021. That would be ludicrous and defeat the purpose and instead be based upon how much money can be used to purchase goods which would defeat the purpose and would not relate to Community Pantries at all.


The BLUEPRINT Philippines New Constitution Federalism Compatibility Mode Word : Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


In the Blueprint for the Philippines on page 18, is the portion on "A System For The People - PURCHASE ORDERS" which needs to begin with the "Community Pantries" people going door to door to collect. Later the  people will be able to take these "PURCHASE ORDERS" to a warehouse to freely pick up, themselves, their groceries, going through a Sectional Council.


"Team [Quezon City Police District] held a KYUSIna ng Bayan where they distributed hot meals such as porridge and soup, food packs, and health kits, water to 33 barangays in the city. Up to 6,365 QCitizens benefited from QCPD’s feeding and food pack distribution," the Quezon City local government wrote in a Facebook post. on Monday 



President Duterte "Sir," this portion is the section I was speaking of yesterday which we would bring up, and that is what we called the STONE SOUP albeit somewhat different.


Please do not allow the Police to change our format. I will explain.


Distributing hot meals was a part of our Original Pantry but to retain the dignity of the people in need was an opportunity to contribute to what is known as STONE SOUP where a stone is placed into a large pot and each person can add one small vegetable until the pot is filled. This was not our idea but came from a story long ago from another.


Whilst the Police being subject to the Blueprint and its addendums such as this one, this is the chance for the People to work in helping themselves.


It is good therapy, therein, and goes much further than just picking up food from a "police-run Barangayanihan" which will actually bring about resentment from the People.


Why is this?


Because police-run Barangayanihan will take the dignity and spirit away from the people.


We have read about "Red-Tagging" with much amazement, for the Blueprint for the Philippines is "for all people" and we believe it is far better to not exclude anyone from the workings and setting up of these people-oriented "Pantries" because food is better than fighting and guns.


The Community Pantries have no special affiliation with any single group for we all are to assist One another and work in the Oneness of all UNITY.


It is therefore, not the Police running these "Pantries" by themselves, but rather, the People in the well-known spirit of the Filipinos which must and will permeate throughout the Islands from One Sector to the Next.


Thank you once again, President Duterte, for your hand in this, and continue in backing us for all, we and the People - for along with you are we ONE!


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World NATION