The Barnstorming of Rage In D.C.,

 The Next Gulf State




February 15, 2021,  4:16 pm


Uthrania Seila: Admiral James T Galiac, Sir, the Pastureland Down Under is completed.


Admiral James T. Galiac: Oh, I see. Sorry, little Duck, we will stand anew. We will give this a new book title.


Uthrania Seila: A new book, Admiral?


Admiral James T. Galiac: Indeed, and just call me in it “Admiral.”


Uthrania Seila: Yes Sir. What is the title, Admiral?


Admiral: I am just thinking of one. Ah, yes, here it is: The Barnstorming of Rage In D.C., The Next Gulf State. How’s that.


Uthrania Seila: Depending upon the content Sir, it sounds very interesting.


Admiral: Then put it in then whilst I put down my pen and retrieve my old coffee cup.


4:27 pm

Admiral: Spontaneously, darling child of mine own sisterly flesh and blood, we can now see the “verily” important “reaction” of the geese from the northern Canadian regions flying west, SW, to be exact, and in an effort to see Washington D.C. in the severe throes of Canadian winter blast we will just move our ships off to the Missouri – Mississippi side of the Luxitome rivers where we presume that the weather then shall hold steady and clear.

Luxitome is a farthersight colder than Mississippi but then, Montana in the high hills is becoming a lot colder by far with Monsanto in their grips than Washington D.C. who never prepares for the unexpected.

Texas boys and girls, on the second hand, just moved their vicious, so many think, walls to the side of Mexico on its wheels, and because of all the Mexican/Columbian borders being moved SE and then West up to the northern regions of Tucson,  Oklahoma, a little slant there for ye Ones to figure out, the boys in blue and gold-braided uniforms in their beautiful harmonious marching bands down there in NW Ontario, Canada, have already sexified themselves directly and right out of existence when the gallant boys and girls feathered in the distinctly aimable White House, think that street is just really run and perpetrated by the presidential gentry making their lives and “livelihood” a whole lot more easier.

However, what about Donald Trump? Is he not the next boy of the hour? Indeed not, for before him comes one out of the North, out of the northern regions of Can-a-da and his name you Ones have not really found yet, but you will.

Signing off. Admiral James Galiac, Master Climber of Olympus, Greece in the “other days” of the Gods.

Sign off for me, Seila, my little Canadian duck, and we shall resume much later.


Uthrania Seila: Signing off for Admiral James T. Galiac of Olympus, Greece, title Orios Goodman Shake put 5.9 Larcy Duck 4 at 4:42 pm