005. Mancharians, our questions are on "thoughts" and "the rewards of brutally abusing animals."



Reni: We are told that thoughts are very powerful. Is it actually the case that thoughts travel over light years in distances in a no-time vacuum and all thoughts are present everywhere in all absence of time?

Mancharians: Yes, and indeed, yes. Next question please.



5. Reni: On this earth, Angorius, we are observing extreme cruelties administered by farmers toward their livestock, by workers in slaughterhouses, and also by some dog and cat owners toward their own pets.

Is there actually a possibility that these people will experience in their own consciousness being entrapped in animal bodies of the cruelties they have administered to these defenseless animals, and this with the goal in mind to not ever be cruel to animals at any in their future incarnations?


Mancharians: Naught so, me lads. You see it is lifestreams which are perpendicular to the muscling in of “characteristics” of animals vs. humans and what each One can tolerate of the other.

In other words, a “fix” will bring them both together in a competition, the human with his or her bare hands against or in competition with the rare animal, fowl, geese, fish, or what have you, with no guns, clubs nor sticks allowed, and we shall see to the primitive death, so to speak,  not lightly, who survives, and who truly wins.

In some primitive cultures, of course, the mangy horse with unclipped hooves might just strike its master dead; fair justice for what agony that master created.

And the boiling of pigs and yes even horses alive for their hooves, will retract .. ahem…react back to the sentient being in human form a type of lacing in a hard beam for the animals to watch him or her lowered down into the same boiling pot and the reversal shall begin. We call this repertory hell, a district no one, no human being should ever wish upon him or herself to ever enter.

Next question please.

Uthrania Seila: No further questions. Thank you Mancharians.

 - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World