Incarnated Demons


Reni Sentana-Ries, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, July 23, 1999

During the course of our statements on these forums we have in reference to several vicious and foul-mouthed ones used the term "incarnated demons." This is not to be taken as a casual remark of anology as one would when speaking of people as "dogs" or "snakes." The universe is one great field of DUALITY where the consciousnesses are free to migrate between Light and darkness as they please. And since (as mentioned before) the world of dualities extends throughout ALL dimensions (realms of existences) right up to the highest, dividing these worlds between "heaven" and "hell" so to speak, certain more powerful demonic spirits (or consciousnesses) have come down to earth in the form of men (or women) in order to ensure that darkness continues to prevail over Light in the course of earth's last and decisive battle of "Armageddon."

When these demons incarnate, they elect to do so as children of certain rich and influential families, where the groundwork for debauchery is already firmly laid via an accepted (by them) attitude or philosophy of conduct. Parents working under elitist principles of Talmudism, Zionism and its "Protocols," Scull and Bones, Federal Reserve, CFR, etc., and those of other secret subversive societies, are sought out by them to find incarnational opportunities in in order to express their demonhood and guarantee the survival of demonic life principles against the onslaught of Light forces at eventide.

And so what we have observed lately in the forums of Arabia-On-Line as well as is a philosophical collision between elite forces of Light and darkness, wherein Laith, Qirdan, Sami and Co. have volunteered to be the ruling elite's mouthpieces in a public display of contention with the forces of Light. They would not have had the strength within them to continue the battle for as long as they have, had it not been for the fact that in their spiritual make-up they are incarnates from a higher and more powerful region of hell. In that they are higher evolved than the ordinary example of persons experimenting with wickedness.

The latter are less of a threat, for their level of lasting power is usually short in face of a broadside confrontation with truth. As we speak with and rebuke these demons in the flesh, we must not think for a moment that they are at the top of the dung heap of humanity. The Head of the Snake does not speak on public internet forums, for Laith and Co. are doing it for them, so that should the day come when Light prevails against darkness, it is Laith and Co. of demons who will suffer the consequences of losing the cold-war battle of Armageddon.

And now I will share with you scribed information from a question and answer session with the Creators, the Mancharians. Here is what was said:


(Quote from our records)


Director: Alright. Do even the least evolved spirits, the Ones that are traditionally called "demons," also have a right of entry into this third dimensional plane through the birthing process?

Mancharians: Here again, we must make ourselves plainer as we speak. "Demons" as you term them, are not necessarily "lowly" evolved beings. Indeed, they are among some of the highest to the highest itself, because here we have, as we did explain before, the other category, the duality of the Creation itself, as you term it "God" and as you term it "Satan" on the other hand, who you term or what you term as "Satan" or "Lucifer", as you prefer names given to things or beings.

Would you consider then that Being or group of Beings altogether in One consciousness as being "lowly evolved?"

Director: Not really.

Mancharians: Just because you face the negative aspect in a stronger simulance, do not for a moment conjure within your minds that it must be "lowly."

You also have the demons of the most inexperienced, those Ones just beginning their journey of experiences, and they too have their "demon side" or negative attributions, as we prefer.

(And as concerning "life" and "death":)

Mancharians: As we have said before, death is not so much a fact of, but an embodiment of fictional imagination. Here we apply the term "metamorphosis," such as a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, changing from a caterpillar perhaps. You do have those crawling around.

Now you must understand and heavily speak to your people, that death is not a matter of, as they would term it, going to one place or going to another. For all that is within the mind, thought patterns or projection, if you believe you have done many negative things within your lifetime, and this is where your mind is projected, then you may face those demons of yourself as a lesson. Not a lesson to "frighten" the entity, once he passes into his metamorphic condition and flies into another space of time, we could put it in your words, but rather that he would come to a realization of the attributes or disattributes, of which he must now work on. It is much like sitting in front of a council, who brings out the errors of that entity's ways. Errors being here not in the terminology in your dictionaries, but rather those things to still be worked on and performed as lessons.

And in order to often get a clear picture as you would show a child, if the child performs with anger and knocks his glass of milk over, you would show him a picture show of knocking his glass of milk over in anger and then you would ask him, how does this look to him.

The consciousness of man will undoubtedly and ultimately in one era or the other come to the terms, that such behaviour is not conducive to his or her growth pattern. And once they come to realize this, then their negative aspect changes into the positive, and up they go as you would put it, onto another "rung," having learned their lesson.


Laith's reaction to "Incarnated Demons":

Laith Al Saleh - 06:44am Jul 24, 1999 GMT (#77 of 77)

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