(002) Time Warp Possibilities


By Reni Sentana-Ries, June 20, 2013


Our perception of time is linear: we are being born, we live here for some time, and then we die. We look into the past and see history, and some say: in the beginning “God” created heaven and earth, plants, animals, and people, a history began to be written, a calendar created, dates and times recorded of mankind’s events, discoveries are made, and so as a human race we finally arrive at the year of 2013 A.D. and don’t exactly know what will happen next.


All this looks rather linear, doesit not? But behind this apparent linear time line is hidden a reality quite undiscovered by many: OUR LIFE STREAMS DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINEAR PATTERN OF EARTHEN TIME!  The element of quantum physics pertaining to time, rules quite supreme where incarnations appear overlapping, sometimes concurrent for reasons known to the Karmic Board, and where the outcome of an incarnation foreseen to happen is being credited to the same person in a new incarnation happening in an overlapping fashion.


And here we may ask: what makes this unusual phenomenon happen? The EQUINOX, where an elevated level of soul evolution is expected from all of us, and persons already functioning in their evolved lifestreams observe themselves in an “earlier” life, working their way to the finish line of successfully mastering the equinoxal hurdle by qualifying for a successful conclusion of life, or perhaps lift-off at the time of the end of this world, and thereby “making the grade” for their own future elevated lives they had already been living - or are living today as well - observing "themselves" in the struggle to make the set qualifications.


And so, when we obtain a reading from the Akashic Records, we may not only be given advice for succeeding in this life, but also obtain a glimpse into lives we lived in the past, as well as some of the “future” where the “future” can be actually one of a time slot of the here and now.


We are the builders of the New Era, and know some of the more stringent requirements for soul evolution. The hurdles for making it successfully “to the finish line” are just as severe for us as they are for yourselves. And as we take them, we learn and discover secrets of life which include the apparent oddities of overlapping life streams, where success of some (lifestreams) is reflected already in a new life we (or they) already experience now.


Difficult? For some it may be, but not for the gentleman whose audio clip I present to you now.