(006) Overlooked Purpose of Pyramid Construction

By Reni Sentana-Ries, October 20, 2013

I know, the traditional view on the purpose for the construction of pyramids has been the myth saying they were built for serving as burial tombs housing ancient pharaos and their wealth. Yet nothing could be further from the truth!
Thousands of years ago this planet was a popular visitor destination for cultures from other planets, and they brought with them the knowledge of not only how to construct these monoliths, but knew how to build them for the purpose of assisting star craft with their navigational tasks across the cosmos and for controling earth's spin axis.
On June 22, 1994, Lady Asula, (....) gave Seila and I during a session with her a brief but concise description of the purpose for the existence of pyramids, here and on other planets. This is what she said at the time: Asula:

"The accuracy of pyramid construction does not permit for deviation to the width of a hair."

"The purpose of construction of pyramids includes the control of polarization of the Earth's axis,"

"...navigational purposes for intergalactic travel as a homing-in device."

"Its control panels are consisting of a panel board of film embedded in graphite between granites for protection."

"The pyramid is not used for initiation rites, but rather is used by initiates of Level II calibre - not beginners - as only
they can through transmutation gain passage through its entrance gateways."

There you have it: Quite different from what Government-paid pyramidologists tell us! The lies coming from official supposedly authoritative sources just won't ever stop, will they....
Furthermore, operational pyramids are living entities. This may be difficult to understand for those who believe living consciousness can only to be found within a bio-chemical structure of either humans or animals. However the pyramid in its full complexity is so intricately designed that when functioning within its original design parameters, it becomes a living organism all of its own, and as such is of great value in guiding extraterrestrial craft safely throughout the known universe.

In the course of man's history there came a point in time where because of uncontrolled invasions of Hellion forces, many, if not all of these entities had to be shut down. It usually took place by a careful removal of their capstones, for its absence left the rest of the concealed circuitry of the pyramid lifeless as a carcass would be without a soul to keep the body alive.
Thank you, dear readers, for the interest you show in an
alternative view of the mysterious issue of pyramids.