(001) Infinity - A Misunderstood Reality

By Reni Sentana-Ries, June 16, 2013


Infinity in terms of time and distance is a reality widely overlooked by followers of religion. And here it is thought that "eternity" only stretches out into the future, and that in the past a certain consciousness called "God" created a beginning of the universe.

According to that theory the past was ascribed to having had a "beginning," and yet to the future is granted a "no ending" (eternal life).

The fundamental error in this approach to explain creation lies in the assumption of a singular entity called "God" as having given a beginning to something which we believe will never end.


The "God" to whom creation is ascribed to have "created" simply does not exist! The godhood (or goddesshood) is spread over as many people as exist throughout a universe which indeed is endless, and therefore the number of "gods" and "goddesses" is also endless!