(003) The High Calling of Being "Human" is Purity of the Heart


By Reni Sentana-Ries, June 28, 2013



The word "human" is made up of its original meaning as being HU-man, H=Holy and U=Universal, thus HUman. This tells us that our sacred obligation for being "human" is to display character attributes not standing in violation of the attribute of ourselves being "human."  


On this planet we however observe many people conducting themselves outside of the two before-mentioned attributes: that of being "holy" and "universal."  


The reason for many not reflecting that obligation lies in


a) religious indoctrination and

b) philosophical indoctrination.


If both are not in alignment with the universal standard of being "holy" (pure) and "universal" (applicable everywhere), then the negative indoctrination of the mind manifests behaviour patterns which are socially unacceptable, and which then lead us to assess them in accordance with the non-acceptability of their actions, and withdraw from them, or become cautious of them.  


I think for self-preservation reasons we need to do that, don't you think? I am not saying it is okay to tarnish everyone with the same brush, for I don't believe in "collective guilt," but what I am saying here is that by virtue of some people conducting themselves in such a severely socially unacceptable manner, that we must deny them the right to call themselves "human," for that is something they will never do for themselves, regardless to what extent their conduct is - simply speaking - diabolical.