(004) Too Many People? Not Really...!


By Reni Sentana-Ries, July 14, 2013


I have recently commented on an article posted by Mark Gordon Brown on wikinut




in which population growth numbers were given over a large period of human time history. And so we are made to believe that earth has been invaded by too many human beings, and we also know that this issue is being discussed quite regularly by elitists in their secret meetings with certain horror stories leaking out as to what they may just do about it.

We need a brand-new viewpoint here, for no single human being is surplus or expendable, and that viewpoint is given us from those who have a better understanding of how the universe works:

The commanders and captains who with their fleet of intergalactic ships roam the universe and know what will be done if any of their other planets become overpopulated with just "too many people." So let's conclude on one thing: NO ONE SINGLE CONSCIOUSNESS IS SURPLUS ANYWHERE. There simply is room enough for all of them throughout the Universe.

What follows is a reproduction of my comment to Mark Brown's article:



Population growth is exponential while land and resource availability are constant. Such was foreseen millennia ago and taken into consideration by mankind's evolved overseers. We are in touch with them and have raised the concern expressed in Mark's article with Commanders.

Will earth be able to sustain 12 billion people? Yes.

Is there land enough for that many? Yes.


Can it be done under current restricted conditions of access to land and the choking effect of economic activity controlled by a corrupted financial system? No!

Unless the money system becomes abolished, current rates of population growth are unsustainable, and here nature has a cruel way of dealing with mankind's folly: Population control via starvation and death.

Will it get to that on a massive scale? No, for before such humiliation befalls mankind, a general evacuation will come and after that the surface of the earth is going to be remodeled!


Then a re-seeding of earth with people will begin once again, however on the basis of higher thinking and elevated human evolution where concerns on overpopulation will no longer be prevailing.

This problem is none of the current elite's business to deal with, for they are not qualified to deal with it in an equitable and humane manner!

(End quote)