(507) Comment to BASHAR's Statement which says: "You are living all your lives in the NOW!"




By Reni Sentana-Ries, February 7, 2021


How can it be that all events happen in the NOW reality, and why are we asked to “connect with your Higher Self” if the NOW reality were not real?


We all experience life only in the NOW reality, even though it changes as time goes by.

We experience the NOW reality through our consciousness. 

That tells me that it is our CONSCIOUSNESS  which keeps us confined in whatever reality we live in at the moment,

and it is by means of our CONSCIOUSNESS we experience life and see events go by,

and also it is by virtue of this consciousness we have the power to make choices of either helpful or detrimental nature, an ability which will then decide the path of our soul progression moving either upward into greater goodness and bliss, or downward into more hardship and despair.


It is only the direction of our UPWARD evolution which will permit us to translate the experience of our CONSCIOUSNESS onto that of a higher plane of existence, and when through that process of evolution we have obtained that more elevated status of existence are we then given the opportunity to be of assistance to our LOWER SELF to reach that higher plane yet both are one and the same consciousness.

That is why in this life we are advised to CONNECT with our higher self to make the transition into the HIGHER SELF CONSCIOUSNESS easier and also assured.

Our past is DNA-embedded and includes all the expriences of past lives we have ever lived. And as we evolve upward there is no need to ever revisit them again in a CONSCIOUS manner.

We are looking forward to BLISS we desire to achieve in all our endeavors, and as we remain in pursuit of that goal, there will be no need to CONSCIOUSLY relive those painful experiences of the past.

And so I see the reality of Bashar’s statement which says that “all events are occurring in the NOW REALITY” not being in contradiction to our need to actually EVOLVE to get where we want to be, which is LIVING IN A BETTER WORLD with our consciousness which can successfully migrate and worthy to be there.