"Listen to me, General!" Agenda Item 24: The Lion of Judah Seeks an Ally Coming From Israel




And finally, Generals, I want you to find me one person among Government circles in Tel Aviv who is sympathetic to my agenda and has come forward in full support of all I have spoken on this site.

And if no one can be found there, then see if you can find someone from the Israeli intelligentsia anywhere in the country who is.

Should you find such a person, keep that identity confidential until I can speak with you in person. Exhaust your search among the male population first before opting for a female. I need it done this way to test the responses among Israeli males in leadership or potential leadership positions.


And that completes my various assignments for you in the course of this first edition of the GLOBAL AGENDA.


I gave you so much to do all at once so you can get familiar with my leadership style and become comfortable with the issues that we need to address and work on together. The second edition of my set of instructions will come after we have met in person.


For your information, today is Saturday, November 11, 2006, 8:23 pm Mountain Standard Time. Thank you, and be dismissed.