"Listen to me, General!" Part 23: Afghanistan Has a Bright Future Under a New Taliban!



October 30, 2006

Generals, until now I have neglected to speak about your involvement in Afghanistan, other than to say: “Get out of there, and stop hunting for Osama.”

Let President Karzai announce to the people of Afghanistan that all foreign troop will leave the country, that the money system for trade will be scrapped, that the Taliban must find for themselves a new name whereby they wish to be called, and that after they have done so they will once again become full participants in the running of governmental affairs in Afghanistan.

Also let President Karzai inform the people from me that from now on full equality of man and woman will be restored, including education for all, and that the burka will become relegated to the dustbin of misguided religious concepts.

This announcement is no threat to the Taliban of today, but an opportunity for them to shed their traditional image of religious bigotry. That is all, except for one last item (Agenda Item 24).

Thank you, Generals, for your cooperation.