“Listen to me, General!” (Part 21, The People’s Judgment on the Bible)


October 30, 2006

Agenda Item 21: The People’s Judgment on the Bible

Hello, Generals, I am back. Can you separate the poison from a soup? Can you separate it from a meal? The soup looks good and so does the meal, but both can kill. That is what happened to the Christian world using the Bible as their guide. From early on the good was mixed with the bad, truth with lies, and in the name of “God” and “his church” the most horrendous atrocities were committed on nations and their people, conveniently justified by the Bible, for had “God” not spoken “I will sacrifice nations for you?”

Add to this deception the fanaticism of a religiously deluded mind, and what we have then is bloody crusading justified, along with roasting people at stakes alive!

Tell me, what good came out of the Bible? To all the brutality it preached in the name of “justice” the ultimate lie was added claiming that mankind’s “sins” can only be forgiven unless an innocent human being, the so-called “Son of God” had been put to death in a most cruel manner imaginable.

I ask you, Generals, what do you expect me to do with the Bible? Its poison has made the nations ill and its perverted doctrines have provided the excuse for endless brutality and wars! Instead of giving enlightenment and understanding of universal reality it gave the people religious superstition marketed as ultimate truth.

The Bible kept the people permanently disconnected from their brothers and sisters of the stars, and got them focused on a “God” they never comprehended, for the concept of “God” the Bible portrays does not exist anywhere in the Universe!

My judgment call on the Bible will be an open contest between the Bible and our own books published by the Federation of Free Planets, spearheaded by the question-and-answer book “The Mancharians’ Newest Civilization.” You people of planet earth will pronounce Judgment on the Bible! We will only provide you with clearly marked recycle bins to dispose the Bibles off into, from where they will then be transported into shredders for recycling or disposal into garbage dumps! And that, people, will then become known to the world as your own Day of Judgment on the Bible!

So make good use of your time left to become enlightened and gain an understanding of universal realities as only the Mancharians and Masters of the Universe can teach it.

The day for the commissioning of Bibles into shredders will be announced later. That is all for now, Generals. Be dismissed.


(Published out of my “Global Agenda” from 2006 to show how much we missed out on in our task to raise the people’s consciousness up toward a better understanding of what a paradisaical order is like and how to get there. There still is time for a “Global Reset” (not the New World Order type) for as long as I am still around to give guidance.)

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