“Listen to me, General!” (Part 20, The “Document of Infamy” goes up in Flames as it Should!)


October 30, 2006

Agenda Item 20: The Document of Infamy Goes Up in Flames as it Should!

Generals, please investigate the authenticity of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which I was denied as evidence to my defense during the trial resulting in a conviction.

 Compare its content with what has been going on in the world for as far back as history can provide you a match.

Compare it with my own statements critical of Jewish participation in a global conspiracy, and give me your unbiased conclusion which of the two literary productions emanates hate: the master plan for a global conspiracy or a prophet’s chastisement of a people involved in it.

Then we will publish the result of that investigation, and should any further revisions be necessary to the way we have already restructured government, then they will be implemented as well. The world we create for ourselves at this time will simply not tolerate conspiracies.

I also want you to search for this ”identifiable group” of “Elders” with the same intensity as Washington ordered you to hunt for Osama bin Laden. If they have since moved to hide inside the Bilderberg society, check that out as well.

Also find out who the people are that on occasion may have asked you to give them conference space in your atomic-powered submarines. When you find them arrest them, and place them in custody under military care. There they must wait until we are satisfied we have located them all. Only then shall their deeds come under scrutiny, and we, you Generals and I, shall decide together what is fair to them as a Judgment call on these people’s disastrous contribution to society in general.

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream he once shared, and its prophetic nature withstood the test of time. I am no less than he, and therefore I will share with you a dream I was given this morning. The simplicity of it will not make it necessary to give an interpretation of its meaning. Here it is:

I saw myself in a barn that had its wall insulated with thick layers of vertically-placed straw inside. All straw was exposed and evenly wrapped around the barn’s wall reinforcements. One section of the wall had nearly all its straw torn off, but had not been punched through to the outside yet. Along the remainder of the straw-covered wall there was a narrow ledge like a continuous bench at about 3 ft height off the ground.

In this barn there was a beast, totally covered in dark fur from head to toe. I felt the beast had to be cleared out of the barn for it was wrecking the barn’s insulation of straw, and I also felt it did not belong there in the first place.

I observed it rolling along the wall being upright on the ledge, and the straw was flying off as it rolled. What I did not notice was that this two-legged beast was more afraid of me than I was of it.

So I decided to get myself a hand saw with a wide blade and a good wooden handle, but the blade was broken down to only half of its original length. I held the saw with my right hand firmly gripped on its handle and began poking the beast into its furry skin. It then came off the ledge and fell to the floor. By that time it had lost all of its strength as it lay there.

I poked it again in an effort to make it move at its own strength, still being fearful of it, but to no avail. So I grabbed it, still poking it while I dragged it along the floor towards the barn door at quite an effort of my own. It seemed I even had to drag it up some steps to get it out of the barn door.

But as I looked again, it lay there completely listless on the landing outside the door. Rain began to fall on it, and I saw it had lost all its fur, its skin was white with no muscle features visible, tall and skinny with an unusually long thin neck. Its facial features I could barely discern, but I think the beast was human.

At that point, as I looked at the beast, it collapsed to become almost like a two-dimensional image, yet remained alive. A feeling of pity overcame me, seeing it lie there in this pathetic condition, but I did nothing to help it out of its misery.

That is all for now, Generals. Be dismissed.

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