“Listen to me, General!” (Part 17, And the Books shall be Opened!)


Agenda Item 17: And the Books shall be Opened…!

Good Morning, Generals.

I want the historical record of the past set straight! This is the ugliest assignment I have given you yet, however it needs to be done in order for the most accurate record of mankind’s history we can possibly produce to go into the archives of the Akashic Records. The match between the one we will create at the end of this age and the one which all participants have written by the hand of their own lives should match as closely as possible the one which already exists scattered throughout the Akashic Records now.

You may compare it to de-fragmenting a hard drive.

From the general public I want men and women to come forward who wish to participate in this awful task: historians, scientists, anthropologists, laymen, laywomen, researchers, and so on, and who will then create many teams throughout many countries to conduct an array of

historical research of the past,

past events,

the rise and fall of kingdoms,

the intrigues and treacheries of their leaders,

the wars they conducted,

the secret societies they formed,

the monarchies they destroyed,

the doctrines they invented to deceive the people,

the economic and philosophical systems they created to control the masses,

the schemes with which they plotted to overthrow righteous civilizations and societies,

their names,

the hierarchies of their power,

the texts of secret covenants they wrote,

their religions,

their satanic sacrifice rituals,

and also the good deeds many did throughout mankind’s known history.

As resources I want you to be given

access to all major libraries of the world,

all archives held by governments, museums and religious institutions.

I want Pope Benedict to secure the archival records of the Vatican until your teams arrive to work there,

and I want you to have access to all records and translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, classified or not. There also are

the Society for Historical Review,

the Canadian and Australian League of Rights and their archived books,

NASA, the Pentagon, etc.

For example: we need the facts about

the Tower of Babel,

the “wheel” Ezekiel described,

the Sumerian people and their records, their connections to the extraterrestrials,

Atlantean technology,

why technology became lost for so long,

the “pillar” of fire from Moses’ days,

how the pyramids were built and by whom, and for what purpose,

who designed and constructed the monuments on Mars,

what wars destroyed the surface of Mars,

where has Mars’ atmosphere gone and by what mechanism was it lost,

what are the facts of mankind’s origin on earth,

why do we have different races, indicating a fallacy in the theory that all of mankind came from Adam and Eve,

are the theories of genetic evolution accurate,

are the “miracles” of Christ true,

how does prophecy come about which speaks of future events,

where does it come from,

who invented religion and instituted the abomination of animal and human sacrifice,

the truth about Moroni,

who lied about the alleged need for innocent human blood as payment for others’ “sins”,

who were the “gods” that demanded to be “worshipped”,

why are we not told the facts of reincarnation and that of our own godhood potential,

why are we being forced now to throw religion into the trash bins of mankind’s screwed-up history after millennia of human suffering from lack of understanding,

which catastrophes were caused by interplanetary conjunctions, and what planets were involved,

how did the asteroid belt come into being,

is time travel possible, and if so, why;

why did the God of Moses condone money and then says: “Look after the poor!” if even then money was at the root of all poverty;

who was Moses’ “god”,

why so many wars,

and why was the library of Alexandria burned to the ground?

I want the truth about Pearl Harbour,

the Russian Revolution,

the wars of Europe,

the Fall of Rome,

the Jewish Holocaust,

why does man oppress woman,

the Kennedy assassination,

the massacres of the Palestinians and the Armenians,

depleted uranium and its consequences from use in warfare,

why and how did the towers of New York come down,

atomic underground tunneling,

the reintroduction of torture in modern times and who was behind it,

the origin and purpose of freemasonry,

the Illuminati,

all revolutions,

extraterrestrial captives and how they have been treated by the established elite,

and anything else you may find important for us to understand why and how events of the past unfolded the way they did.

I hope you have time enough to finish this work before conditions on this planet call for our global evacuation. Before we leave this planet we need the “air we breathe” cleared of all misconceptions. Here the teams must learn to emotionally detach themselves from the information they find and proceed on that basis.

When the research is done and the picture of humanity’s past is clear, the purpose of this exercise is fulfilled and we can then move on with worlds of bliss we create for ourselves, having thoroughly learned from the mistakes of our past.

To facilitate a free flow of information from the work of these teams back to the people, I want all teams to have full access to the internet, operate their own websites where they will publish condensed reports of their findings, interlink with each other, and for the purpose of reaching all people everywhere with their information we must now aim to provide every household with the opportunity to have connection to the net.

Thank you, Generals, for your attention. You are now dismissed.

(Published out of my “Global Agenda” from 2006 to show how much we missed out on in our task to raise the people’s consciousness up toward a better understanding of what a paradisaical order is like and how to get there. There still is time for a “Global Reset” (NOT the New World Order type) for as long as I am still around to give guidance.)

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