“Listen to me, General!” (Part 12 Judgment Day has finally arrived! (Part 2))


October 8, 2006 Agenda Item 12: Judgment Day has finally arrived! (Part Two)

I (Reni) continue to speak to the people of this planet: Then you people may rightfully ask:

"But what about all those generations of the past which have come and gone, finding themselves deprived of the opportunity to hear the things you are teaching us now? Will they now all be left behind?”

My reply to you is: 'No, those generations of the past are YOU! You all have come back from the dead to be here again, being given the opportunity to hear our words, and progress in preparation for the evacuation from this planet onto other planets in order to escape all natural catastrophes otherwise inflicted upon you by mother earth as she cleanses herself from all the dross and corruption your past has left on her delicate skin – an event we all understand to be ‘the end of this world.’

EVACUATION is standard procedure among civilizations throughout the universe when planets enter a period in time where survival of its surface population is no longer possible. But be mindful of the fact that it is also conditional!

Those dying now will quickly come back to hear it in their youth, and no one will be left behind, barring those who in their ignorance will run away in fright from the evacuation ships which will have landed on this planet's surface with the offer of inviting you to go inside.


(Published out of my “Global Agenda” from 2006 to show how much we missed out on in our task to raise the people’s consciousness up toward a better understanding of what a paradisaical order is like and how to get there. There still is time for a “Global Reset” for as long as I am still around to give guidance.)

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