“Listen to me, General!” (Part 5, Paradise Restored!)


October 8, 2006

Agenda Item 5: Paradise Restored!

Hello, everyone! You will have noticed an enormous increase in purchasing power combined with a dramatic reduction in cost to goods and services. Yet I hope it will not have escaped your attention that all this apparent prosperity and wealth has still not reached the destitute and homeless. There still are pockets of poverty and despair in the midst of all this abundance!

If the beneficiaries of debt relief are found only among those who have property BECAUSE they played the system “smartly” and in the end came out ahead when I wrote off their debts, then how has it blessed the homeless, the destitute and poor? Not at all, unless they are granted access to more soup kitchens or better cots to sleep on under the night sky. Ridiculous!

This situation is an insult to the intelligence of man! When costs approach zero and purchasing power becomes infinite, we have imbalance, and not inflation, where those endowed with money lay exclusive claim on production, leaving out others that have no money still without access to the comforts of life! In other words: the appearance of prosperity has still not resolved the reality of poverty!

Now, Generals, this situation I want ended at midnight February 28, 2007. From March 2007 on there shall be no more money in circulation world-wide!! I want all businesses to remove their cash tills, ATM machines, I want the banks closed, insurance companies disbanded, tax collection centers shut down and recycle bins provided for the people to drop their cash off at.

From then on we will build shelters for the poor that gives them dignified living, and they won’t have to worry about utility bills, rent bills, and property tax invoices rolling in. They can then finally go to the supermarket and come home with healthy food to eat they never could afford before. And therein the man living in a mansion is not better off than his brother who the night before slept on a wooden bench exposed to elements of sleet and snow.

Money and gold have been the curse to all nations for thousands of years, and once that system of economy became entrenched, the people were ensnared and unable to free themselves from its evils. They simply did not know how, for others who profited from its presence would never agree to its abolition. This time, people, you regained paradise without the shedding of blood! But be prepared to shed the blood of anyone who ever would dare rob you of it again!

What I have done for you this time I will never do again. I did not enjoy it. I lost the sympathy of friends and family members over this issue. The pathway to this accomplishment was full of rocks with sharp edges cutting my feet along the way. But spurned on by the need to make up for my failure to seek the welfare of the Russian people as the mightiest man of the Empire, I resolved to never let the people down again. We are not finished yet, however. More work lies ahead.

That’s all, General. Go now, you are dismissed, and have fun with the "boys" target shooting on ATM machines.


(Published out of my “Global Agenda” from 2006 to show how much we missed out on in our task to raise the people’s consciousness up toward a better understanding of what a paradisaical order is like and how to get there. There still is time for a “Global Reset” for as long as I am still around to give guidance.)

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