What Sex Should The ONE GOD Be?

(Part 14 of "The Seeding")


How did the Hellions decide the sex of their created "ONE GOD?" The great religious tax collectors! – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


Introduction Into The Journey Of The Soul Of The ONE GOD The Hellions Made The GREAT Tax Collector


To our friends and readers, the Hellions were still in the process of creating their ONE GOD and made this ONE GOD with a soul. By this we mean, the Hellions personified their creation whom they used to rule over the unsuspecting seed people of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets.

In doing this, they gave their ONE GOD many names. When people of different religions use a different word for the word GOD it is only their own language which alters the word, but in fact it is the same ONE GOD in different form.

This ONE GOD was to be used to gain willing slaves to fight in the wars the bankers issued through nations’ militaries in order to hide behind corporate powers.

The ONE GOD made people both, fear him as well as love him in such a way that utter bondage came upon the souls of the many. This ONE GOD was used also to represent his master, the banking establishment as the ONE GOD was also made to be a tax or usury collector. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


Was the ONE GOD To Be Male Or Female? The Hellions' Next Problem:

Inscriptions from the pictorial illustration below:


2.  "There must only be ONE GOD, not TWO!" said the Hellion races from outer space, from behind the rip in the fabric of space. "So the woman will we call 'Eve,' for on the 'eve of our destruction' of the Original system belonging to the Federation of Unified and Free paradisaical worlds shall the paradox be that the 'man' shall survive and the woman shall serve the man, and the man shall serve the ONE G-D, our GO-D King (GOLD King) and the man shall never speak of it, for our secret of their utter demise and bondage shall we protect. G-D is our G--DEN COW!" (Moses melted down the golden calf.)

3.The Hellion plan is always to take away "order," create "chaos," and then to offer an "unworkable solution" which they will never allow to be improved upon "nor replaced" with the Original people-loving system they call "Paradise."

4. So the woman was decimated and thrown out with the Federation HUmans from their Original paradisaeical system of economics, and they would be "disgraced" should they ever talk about it - PUBLICLY.




The sculptures of the ONE GOD in Roman-Greek form determined the likelihood that the ONE GOD contained both male and female genes, therein, making the ONE GOD both male and female. This doctrine was the epitome of the new religion of the ONE GOD strength, but ONLY because the female bear the children while the male children were exploited by the Hellions by using them to strengthen the Hellion money system through the sacrificial rite of war.

God being both male and female set the stage for yet another problem for the Hellions;
for how could they now create a new standard for the female to worship the male ONE GOD when the female was equal with the male through all universal standard?

The ONE GOD Became The FATHER GOD Out Of The Vaults Of Utter Contempt Of Universal Equality (between the male and the female) For All HUmanity

Inscriptions from the pictorial illustration below:

1.The Hellion plan is always to take away "order," create "chaos," and then to offer an "unworkable solution" which they will never allow to be improved upon "nor replaced" with the Original people-loving system they call "Paradise."

2. "There was absolutely no movement whatsoever in the overall Universal Whole or Total, and because there be no movement, the most gracious art of development of the creation needed first take place where the electrode filaments within each atom gave it circumstance to move."

3. "With this first movement began the rubbing, and with each rubbing came a climactic substance which was the substance or glue which began to create and bind diverse and different molecules or miniscule molecular structures together. This was the first semen or ovary intact working together as the male/female objective, and the first procreation then began." -Captain Melix Somajar Galiac

4. "...they began to vibrate. The minutest symbions which even a microscope of your tendencies could not see nor even hope to detect, mirrored the tiniest vibration of "time" as you would best understand.

5. The very "first" sexual act "was not" HUman. This information the Hellion races took from the first Seeds upon the new earth, Angorius, and until now it remains locked away, but we are here to give it to you once again, for the Hellion races have written for you, the people, a new history.



Some religions teach that the first woman was made out of a rib. A woman made out of a man’s rib suggests that the male was all there while the female was less than one-half there and nowhere close to the ingenuity and strength of the male.

This doctrine, of course, completely eclipses the Universal Total of true creation where the atomic/molecular cellular structure was a pod of two halves, male and female. Both halves were capable of the male-female attributes for later experience of each sex to bring to the Whole of the Universal Total.

However, the male part was the dominant cellular structure within itself over the female within itself as was the female part a dominant cellular structure within itself over the male within each pod united together.

Now, the religious leaders knew this and the secret of creation is kept locked away in vaults. This is why the Hellion races decided it would be easier to control the people as they grew in size and stature with ONE GOD who was both male and female.

Therefore, the ONE MALE GOD would be the father figure but the way a father was understood to be upon a Hellion planet, and therein would the Hellions make the ONE GOD FATHER THE figurehead over everyone with no questions allowed nor permitted to be asked.

The FATHER GOD as he was now to be called would not be questioned. That, the people would be told, was the height of arrogance and lack of faith and only an impudent man, woman, or child would DARE to QUESTION THE INTELLIGENCE AND PROGRAM OR EXISTENCE OF THE ONE FATHER GOD.

This collective agreement among the Hellion races would ensure that the Hellions would NEVER have to explain the existence and origins of their ONE FATHER GOD creation.

All Religious Leaders Are Tax Collectors For The Banking Establishment

Inscriptions from the pictorial illustration below:


2. WHO EXACTLY IS THE "ONE GOD," AND WHAT DOES THE "ONE GOD" REPRESENT? THE "ONE GOD" BELONGS TO THE HELLION GLOBAL "EXPANSIONALISTS" WHO FRAGEMENT THE PEOPLE TO STAY ALIVE AND IN CONTROL. So by telling them they were superior to all the other races of HUman beings the Hellions sought to control them as well. They knew that one day that race of people would have to turn to the Hellions for protection.

3. The Hellion races created the "ONE GOD" whom NO ONE is to touch. So, some address this "golden cow" of the Hellion bankers as "G-D," but where is the "O?" Why is the "O" not there? Any reason? Yes.

4. The forbidden word or "fruit" was not "GOD," but what the "ONE GOD" represented, which was "GO-LD" so the "ONE GOD" was the "protector of the MONEY system of HELL for IONS (eons)!

5. One race of people were told that to utter the name of the "ONE GOD" would present an "equalness" with "G-D" and this "equalness" with G-D the Hellions did not want this, so they forbade one race to believe they were better than other races by feeding them twisted doctrine and yet did not want that one race to figure out how to free themselves either.


Religious leaders collect tithes for Hellion races in all regions of the global conspiracy. Religious leaders are Tax Collectors. Taxes or Usury is against all universal principle and works toward the downfall of all who use it to their advantage and the downfall of all those who involve themselves willingly in such negative karma.

Tax write offs are an incentive for war and support of the Hellion money system.

How is this? Because the banks allow churches to operate as tax-free havens unto the ONE GOD which is themselves.

It is utter and total deception
because when the bankers wish to wage war through invasion and occupation of a nation with money-making resources, it is the churches’ duty to take up the Standard of the Cross, for example, or some other non-Christian religious Standard and take the usury or tax-tithings for the purpose of propagandizing the war effort in favour of the bankers.

What does the church gain?
More followers for whichever master they are propagandizing as well as those unseen perks or payoffs just after class.

Continued in Part Fifteen   -
Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez