The Seeding:

The early “Branding” of the Initiates by the Hellions

(Part 1 of 3)

(Mini-Series Part Eleven - “Non-Fiction” )


Admiral James Galiac stresses the “importance” of understanding why the Tree of Life was so important to the Hellion races who broke through the fabric of space to invade, occupy, and enslave the HUmans of the new earth with their self-serving agenda. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


It is IMPERATIVE That The Tree Of Life Be Understood Before We Proceed

Readers and valued listeners of our ilk, why the Tree of Life MUST be well understood before we proceed is entirely due to the seriousness of the matter at hand, and that matter is how and why the slavery of the new earth took hold of the seeded children of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets through the agenda of the Hellion races who broke through the rip in the fabric of space bringing time to the forefront in order to box off the people and measure the Hellion obtrusive agenda of economic slavery over the entire new earth.

The Tree of Life held the foundation of the unobtrusive economic/societal structure and way of living unencumbered by hardship and stress bringing on early physical death to the body. On the other hand the Tree of Life was used as a foundation by the Hellion races to follow its guidelines, but in the negative. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


The Hellions Changed The Meaning Of The Word Hexagram


Inscriptions from the pictorial illustration below:



2. The Federation of Unified and Free Planets had placed “one more Key” into the security of the “Time Travel Machine” as it was later to be known. Even if the other functioning Keys were somehow compromised, which was highly unlikely, no one but the Initiates and their Apprentices knew how to integrate their own secluded and powerful energy of the mind “through the body” to complete the final stage of the last Key in transmitting and opening. The soul which was at “work” was layers thick.


3. But the Initiates could do more than even Nikola Tesla could have imagined “and of this secret shall we always keep to ourselves.”  (From the records)


4. This is the final Key, the Power of Soul, which the Hellions have not been able to replicate, except in dark practices which have not the real power of the Enlightened Ones of the Federation of all Unified and Free Planets.

Had the Hellion Invaders and occupiers been able to match our frequencies, they would most certainly, had they found the practice and formulae of the first two Keys, traveled through the Keyhole, or port hole, and continued to invade and occupy the worlds of the Federation of all Unified and Free Planets, and occupied them, turning paradise and its living standards into a living hell.

5. Kundalini alone will not get you there.


6. This illustration is only half there. MASS, ENERGY, MATTER


7. "To create and annihilate material substances causing them to aggregate in forms according to his desire, would be the supreme manifestation of the power of Man’s mind, his most complete triumph ever the physical world.” –Nikola Tesla


8. This symbol does, and always has, belonged to the United Worlds of the Federation of Free Planets.



More doors to the pyramids than just one


The hexagram used by the Initiates in their alchemical work was promoted as wicked or Wicca by the Hellions who could not understand nor decode its use and meaning and they became very angry.

In later years the seed people whose parent races travelled from distant planets to the new earth, would talk about the ingenuity of the pyramidal power. The pyramidal power of the pyramids or towers, as they were called, was activated by mechanisms built solidly and carefully into the wall of the chamber. The technology was so delicately inlaid and so thin that it was not any thicker than rice paper.

By understanding the technique of engaging and activating the mechanisms the capstone was turned on. The capstone of the pyramid had a dual purpose.
When the capstone was activated it opened the vortexes for travel to and fro the distant planets and worlds; but the capstone’s main and first purpose was to serve as a beacon or lighthouse to all starships or craft in the skies as to where their descent should be.


Why Were The Seed Children Of The Federation Of Free Planets Accused Of “Witchcraft?”


Inscriptions from the pictorial illustration below:




2. …rafted and changed the symbols into meaning something other than the symbols formerly had meant. They called it the “Benediction..  …s who had forgotten their origins save that of a few, a brand-new philosophy, and that philosophy was anything but wise of conscience…


A few prominant symbols


Original Banner Inscription: The Hellions grafted and changed the symbols into meaning something other than the symbols formerly had meant. ...They changed the tenor, texture, and meaning so dramatically that the good became the bad and through, both, the money system and their set up regions for every creed, race and culture the Hellions taught the Humanities who had forgotten their origins save that of a few, a brand new philosophy and that philosophy was anything but wise of conscience, good, and ethical. It was the philosophy of the ones who came through the rip in the fabric of space and made the new earth and those similar to it, into one of the most miserable and undesirable places in the universes to live.

In later years the Hellion races took the word craft and added it to their word Wicca and called the Initiate seeds of the Federation of Free Planets people who engaged in witchcraft an evil incomprehensible beyond all measure.

These Initiates and their prodigy were burned at the stake as witches and warlocks as promised by the Hellion races for their obstinance
in not sharing the secrets of the pyramids. Warlocks meant war against those who locked in the secrets of the pyramidal working technology.

In later years these enlightened people of the Federation homelands who chose to keep their enlightened information to themselves faced all types of horrendous torture and physical death for opposing the standard, not only of the Catholic Church, but of many religious persuasions upon the people, to believe and accept openly the lies and misinformation fed to them even by ones whom many of them served the Hellion agenda without even realizing what they were doing to their brothers and sisters of the enlightened or knowledged Ones.

Each religious body’s main duty was to control the population and herd them like sheep into a cauldron of burning and hot flames if they did not listen to GOD or to what the Hellions called ”reason.”


Into The Records For A Close-Up To The Preparation Of An Event


Inscriptions from the pictorial illustration below:

1. Yes, Nikola, our friend. 3 is the enjoining of which no matter is able to manifest without. It is the balance of the uncoiled energy. And the number 9 equals the sum total of the energy 6 and the joining. But that was “not all that was required” to conduct the portholes to open and to work within them. It was not the energy alone but the “integration” of HUman energy with existing energy in matter. But it was even more than that, Nikola, you have come a long way, but they could never understand you.


2. The “oil” was not to “oil the feet of the Initiates,” but the dial and hexagram to keep the rotation pure. You can guess where the oil was placed.


3. It was pure Kundalini manipulation of atomic energy which way surpassed what they are capable of doing now.


4. “If you only knew the magnificence of  3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”  -Nikola Tesla


5. The hexagram appeared inside the hexagram. The first hexagram was imbedded deeply into the floor. The ridges of the hexagram protruded upward approximately 5 inches. Overlapping the first hexagram was a second hexagram. All was set in degrees. The hexagram was in fact a compass. In the center of the hexagram was a straight pole protruding. The purpose of this pole, we could call it. Was to hold the second hexagram in place. The hexagram would rotate around the dial or pole.


6. But the hexagram was used for “more” than a compass. At the correct refractions, the compass rotated degrees which would unlock certain mechanisms which in turn set the motion for the next Key. The sun dial, as they later called it, falsely told the story of the sun god by the way the rays were placed. This had nothing however to do with the overall twenty step academic operation of the hexagram and its pyramidal components which relayed all informational data to the next level of sequence before the final round was complete and that took the energy of a Human paradoxical in strength for the number of the Human energy is SIX, a perfect balance between heaven and earth.




The original hexagram was a compass

Here is a portion of information which the Hellions have been long in the looking for. When they could not understand any of the Keys they made sure that no one else would. They made up evil stories against the Initiates and their followers and branded all they did as wicked, or Wicca, meaning witchcraft.

The word witchcraft came from a demonization of starships. The Hellions called starships or craft which fly among the stars as starcraft. They then took away “star” and wrote in witch and demonized snakes, stars. the hexagram, and ufo’s, as the demonic influence of Lucifer.

Nothing could have been further from the truth than that.

The Hellions had segregated the seeds of the Federation of Free Planets from receiving positive public exposure, and anyone linking themselves to them were also put on the black list, persecuted, tortured, and sometimes physically murdered. But what had the Hellions so much in demand of that they would go to these lengths? What was the source of their frustration?

Here is a portion out of the records of over two decades ago. We are able to travel into the past in order to activate the portals to deal with problematic occurance or issues of the future or present event.

1994 07 25 6:39 pm

(extracted portion of which event in the past of our future we were dealing with. – Uthrania)

Yes. I see a white swirling mist. This time the gatekeeper is robed in white. We are going through a different entrance into the records...

ENTITY: Seila, we will be speaking, though in intricate form. We will be leading you beyond the gateway. If we shift our voices, it will become more definable as to who is speaking at which time. The sand as usual is hot, little One, but not upon your feet. (Pause).

I see a big sun.. is inlaid just inside the outer layer of the pyramid wall, about an eighth of an inch inside the outside of the granite stone. (Angelic language).

Entering this state is going to be a lot easier as I do not contain the mass. There is no need for transformation of any sort, and here we don't talk of transmutation. We are entering through. That is very, very thick. I see nothing but stone, depth of stone, thick, thick, thick. Break through the face of the sun, that is why we enter. (Angelic expression).

No, there is an outline of the triad - that's where it is...!! That is the door which nobody can find. There is a big outline of the triad, which is in a pyramid shape, and that is the one I pass through into the secret chamber of initiation status.

Nobody is here. Nobody is here!

Ah, the water, the water! It is held in a small tank, 3 1/2 ft by 20 inches. It is inlaid just up above the floor, it is set in, and above that is a contoured design, and there is a big book on it, it's like a big stone shelf, but it is solid all the way to the ground in a funny corner-type place.

But nobody can read the book, not until the initiation rites have been completed, and even then only designated passages.

I see the formulas now, formulated gallery, hh.. The Hexagram in the floor is not flat, each portion in each line is ridged upward. Ou..!

The stars are black, and from each point down it dips in to the center. There is textured composition which stands up like little spikes at the center, all evenly. The floor has a white sheen to it.

ENTITY: Seila, walk over now and pick up the golden.. it's a wand - modem - it's a type of wand. It has two legs coming out with flat stands at the bottom of it. That's what props it up.. it's the modem! Put it in the middle where the 5th star is above, where it is in front of where the Master sits. Place it in front of them, of the star and unscrew the top. The four stars will all emit a current. It is highly charged. This will provide the beacon through the vibrational tones. (Angelic language). Now fasten the top down and put it back into place. Make sure it's secure on the gold rim that is around it. As you see, the gold of the wand, or the modem, is somewhat light.” (end of portional entry)

Continued in Part Twelve

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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