The GLOBAL AGENDA of the Federation of Free Planets

(Part 9 of 10)


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, November 27, 2018

Will anyone hold me guilty or being narcissist if I speak the truth about myself? I hope not! The position I hold is of a nature which requires me to get through to you all lest I fail my mission!

In that context please read from the record I wrote 2,400 years ago, and be mindful of the references therein pertaining to the present time.


(Quoted from my own record of October 2006)

Judgment Day is here, and the only Judgment ruling this Day will be that of my own! No religious book on earth will tell me how to conduct it, not even my own scroll of the past!

Yet many trembling under the thunder of my words will be surprised to learn that Judgment Day is less about punishment for wrongs of the past than it is on conditional forgiveness for those wrongs! To many this Day will see their “sins” of the past forgiven without the need for anyone shedding blood as a “sacrifice” for those “sins”.

Indeed, I want you people to begin purging this label ("sin") out of your minds! From now on be aware however of negative life expressions stunting your personal growth, for you ought to prepare yourselves for entering worlds where the word “sin” is not even part of their people's vocabularies!

The value judgment on any deed of your past or any of your future will from here on out not be made necessarily by people around you, neither by society nor traditions, but as you connect back to the inner godhood of yourselves, you then see and judge for yourselves whether proceeding with any intent will be either beneficial or detrimental to your growth or personal progression, and therein you find yourselves guided by an accurate understanding between right and wrong, which your own inner godhood is capable of giving you.

Also develop the capacity to forgive yourselves for errors of your past and begin connecting to your inner higher selves! But I warn some of you, there will be “sins” that belong outside of the category of instant forgiveness, and they will be judged by the universal measuring stick of acceptable, permissible conduct.

Also begin to grasp and understand the necessity of upholding the guidelines of universal ethics. When I say “universal”, that is exactly what I mean: A STANDARD OF ETHICS ACCEPTED BY THE UNIVERSE OF LIGHTED BEINGS! Your personal acceptance of that standard will open the doorways for you to become re-admitted into higher worlds existing beyond this earth. Any conduct performed with intent of victimizing or inflicting injury on others is taboo by the universal standard of ethics and will be judged accordingly, where then society is taking over to protect itself!


When the Generals get my word and follow my lead, they merely fulfill what was accurately foretold in my own ancient writing not found in your Bible book:


“But Judgment Day will be the end of the present age and the beginning of the future age.

“Then all corruption will end, self-indulgence and disloyalty will be eliminated. Righteousness and truth will reach their full maturity.

“So on Judgment Day no one will be able to have mercy on those who have been condemned, and no one will be able to harm those who have been acquitted.”


(End quote from the record of 2,400 years ago)

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