The GLOBAL AGENDA of the Federation of Free Planets

(Part 8 of 10)


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, November 27, 2018

As human beings we are the sum total of ALL our past and future incarnations. Our words and deeds and attitudes in this life give testimony of it.

While I have no conscious remembering of having been Ezra, I must still say that the scrolls written by his hand lend credence to that suggestion.

From historical figures that I have gotten to know up to this point, I can with a clean conscience say I am like Lord Adonai, I am like Abraham, I am like Ezra, I am like Ceasar Augustus (Octavian) from the Roman Empire, I am like a judge who failed himself during the Middle Ages but paid a high price for his error in sound judgment, and I am the reincarnation of the murdered Czar Nicholas II of Russia.

What follows is not just information for my Generals, but also for the general public! I feel very strongly that the words I speak today are dismissed only at great peril of all who do so.


Agenda Item 11: “Judgment Day” has arrived! (Part One)

2,400 years ago Ezra (myself) wrote into his scroll the following words as given to him by Lord Uriel:


“…the message will be about the end of the world and the foundations (governments) of the world will understand that the voice is speaking about them.

They will tremble and quake because they know that they will undergo a change when the end comes…

The time is near when I will come to judge the people living on earth. I will punish those who have hurt others with their injustice…

This age which is about to pass away, will have the final seal put on it. Then I will give the following sign: the books will be opened across the sky for all to see.

The hearts and minds of people on earth will be changed. Evil will be destroyed and deceit eliminated. Faith will grow strong, corruption will be overcome, and truth which has not produced fruit for so long, will make itself felt again.”

(End quote).

At the time Ezra was warned to “not be so quick to raise useless questions in the present age; then you will not be so quick to do so in the final age.” (“The Mancharians’ Newest Civilization” became the Q&A book of the “final age.”)

And when, according to ancient prophecy, would “Judgment” come? Ezra wrote:

(quote from text written 2,400 years ago)

“When you see that some of the signs I have told you about have appeared, you will know that the time has come when God Most High will bring judgment on the world he has created.

"There will be earthquakes, national rebellions (revolutions, insurrections), international intrigues (conspiracies), unstable leaders (democracies, elections), and confused rulers (leaders who cannot understand why events unfold the way they do).

"When you (Ezra) see these things happening, you will know that they are what God Most High has spoken about since the beginning of creation.”

(End quote).

With reference to events radiating out of America into the world Ezra wrote:


“You saw the angry lion (the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) come roaring out of the forest (shed his disguise) and you heard it speak to the eagle (the United States of America) and rebuke it for the evil it had done (read my article “Curse on America”) and for all that it had said (lies, deception, betrayals, breaking of agreements).

"The lion represents the Messiah whom God Most High has held back until the end.

"He will be a descendant of David (from the House of Judah) and will come to speak to the rulers.

"He will rebuke them for their wickedness, their sinfulness, and their contempt for God’s ways. While they are still living he will bring them to judgment, condemn them for their sin and destroy them (strip them of their power).

"But he will have mercy on the rest of my people, those who are left in my land.

"He will set them free and make them happy (restore back to them their long lost paradise) until the end comes (evacuation day).

(End quote).

“Judgment Day is final and sets the final seal on truth for all to see.” (See Agenda Item 7).


It may as well have been a good thing that my own scroll of ancient times never made it into the canon of today’s Bible. There was too much truth in it for even religionists of the past to stomach. IT SPARED MY OWN SCROLL FROM HITTING THE CHOPPER BLADES OF THE SHREDDER INTO WHICH ALL THE OTHER CANONIZED BOOKS OF THE BIBLE ARE COMMISSIONED!