The GLOBAL AGENDA of the Federation of Free Planets

(Part 7 of 10)


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, November 27, 2018

Never at any time have I been given charge over the people of China. They will have their own guide when the time comes. However the trade requirements for China with other nations call for a mechanism OUTSIDE of a cash/currency system as all other nations will by that time no longer operate on the outmoded format of a financial system.

And so I have taken the liberty to make recommendations for China which their leaders can implement at their own discretion.


Agenda Item 10: To the Leaders of the Government of China (October 2006)

Hello, my distinguished friends in the great land of China.

You will have noticed that no directive I have issued here I ever made binding on you and your people, and neither will I in the future. My mandate does not include China. Our own information on you indicates that your people will have their own guide. Whether at this time you have been able to identify who it is, I do not know. However when that individual comes forward, be kind to him or her, and place no barrier between that person and the people. He or she will be no threat to your power of rule over the people of China, but bear in mind that you and your people must be prepared for the upcoming global evacuation just as much as we ourselves must be.

In my own writings on this website I have called the process of our people’s preparation a reclamation. Since the timing for the end of this world is the same for all of us, I strongly advise you to participate in scrapping your money system as well.

You and your people cannot survive as an island left behind where money is still in use as a basis for the exchange of goods and services you call “trade.” My concern here is two-fold:

a) you can no longer be paid for any of your exports, and

b) the survival of your people makes an uninterrupted flow of imports necessary for which you no longer can pay us, since our money use has become obsolete.

However, in the absence of money at your end also, your economic needs for the future in terms of imported raw materials, etc. will remain met by merely listing them in the form of a “trade” or “demand” order similar to that of a purchase order.

And conversely our claim on products manufactured by your people will likewise be stated in the form of a trade order. Your continued use of currency at home would severely conflict with the simplicity of all trade arrangements that are now possible among nations. You should have no difficulty to match the expiry date of currency in your country with that of our own.

Have a good day, gentlemen.

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