The GLOBAL AGENDA of the Federation of Free Planets

(Part 3 of 10)


Introduction by Reni Sentana-Ries, November 25, 2018

Agenda items 2 and 3 deal with gold and money, and I have made the militaries in charge of dealing with the institutions and people involved with the handling of those 2 matters from the viewpoint of ending the hoarding of gold by a few, as well as instructed the generals on how to proceed with beginning to close down the banking system and its related institutions in progressive steps.

Please bear in mind that with my following statements I am addressing a loyal group of Generals from the U.S. military.

Agenda Item 2: All Gold Must Turn to Dust!

Well done, Generals! This next assignment is for you as well. It must be executed in synchrony with all military generals of NATO, Australia, Israel and Russia.

Tell Israeli IDF Commanders, that if they consider non-compliance with this operation, you will direct your guns at them! I have given the Israeli people a guarantee of safety, however, as with anything, that guarantee is conditional upon their cooperation with the new order we are now setting up for the people of this planet.

Of all affected nations it is mandatory that a possible objection by their political leaders be overruled, and tell the Generals to remove any leader or president who will not cooperate. That is an order.

Also have the Generals identify whether the leaders’ cooperation is sincere or faked and agreed to grudgingly. Those leaders I want also removed out of power and replaced by ones suited for the job we are doing.

Russia is bit of a special case in that I hope to retain President Putin as an ally. I need him for some future work there. Should he however object to what I want his military generals in Russia to do next, who are now under my command as well, then they must remove him from power at my order. And tell them this order to compliance comes from the former Czar of Russia who was assassinated after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. They should be able to make a connection there. Now, this is what I want done in as much synchrony as is physically possible throughout the United States, NATO countries, Australia, Israel, known offshore banking centers and Russia:

In all affected nation states I want all known and unknown gold storage warehouses, like Ft. Knox, etc. identified and surrounded by tanks, armoured vehicles, and troop. I want all shipments of gold among storage centers halted, and all gold reserves secured, with release of gold only where required by the computer industry or other industrial applications.

Shipments of gold to the industry out of these warehouses I want tightly controlled in that quantities ordered must be a true reflection of industrial consumption and consumer needs. The gold itself will be free of charge except for shipping costs, I however expect to see industry pass the benefit of cost savings on to their consumers.

The global military siege around gold will last until I say otherwise. Central and South American countries, African countries, South East Asian countries, etc., are all obligated to participate in synchrony with this operation should they be able to identify gold storage facilities of similar kind in their own countries.

Do not allow either leader or banker to starve the military of its cash in consequence of this action. Take charge of this matter also.

That is all. Be dismissed for now.

Agenda Item 3: The Military Siege on the Money System Begins

The next operation, Generals, is similar to agenda item two. Here again you must effect the cooperation of all other military generals throughout the same nations as before.

I want all central banks everywhere surrounded by military hardware like tanks, armoured vehicles, troop, etc. They must include those of the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, IRS headquarters, Revenue Canada head quarters and branches, mortgage companies, finance companies, credit card companies, and whatever else collects taxes and issues credit translating into debt for the people.

Their smaller branches, of which there are very many, only require a small contingent of armed troop each. Initially this siege on the financial establishment will not result in interference to access by the public. Permit business as usual unless I say otherwise. However monitor the transactions of large sums of money aimed at undermining your own interests as a well funded force. Assure your own financial needs for the military as a first priority before any other consideration. Your financial platform must remain secure at all times. Arrest officials immediately who are found in efforts to starve the military of cash.

In conjunction with this action I want all known national and international bankers arrested, including all bank presidents world wide, and placed in custody where they will be held and treated like any other inmate. They shall not be charged and tried for their crime of operating a global conspiracy by reason of the fact that all governments legitimized and condoned this activity, which I call high treason against the people. They shall however be stripped of all properties they have stolen with their money trick, including all gold they claim, and be removed from all mansions they live in with their families, and shall be put under replicated shelters to what Uthrania and I were forced to live in while we were in Two Hills, Alberta.

They and their posterity may never hold positions of public trust, and the surveillance on them shall be permanent, except in the privacy of their own hovels. They will be allowed to upgrade the shelters by themselves, but not expand on the size of either of the two buildings. Wood stoves is all they may have for heat. Their mobility shall be restricted to the equivalent of one tank of gasoline per week, and they shall be under a permanent travel ban identical to the effect their money had on ourselves.

I also want them locked into a work program for 8 hrs/day except for weekends.

This arrangement shall apply to not only national and international bankers, but to all elite which I will identify.

The insiders of the Bilderbergers I want arrested and the Elders of Zion identified and hunted as Osama is at this time, should the organization of traitors to humanity still exist.

The arrival of military forces around these financial institutions will signal to all governments worldwide that from that date on there shall be no more payments made on national, state, provincial, municipal, city, town, school and hospital debts. I want all public debt falling under these categories erased and corresponding savings passed on to the people in tax reductions or improvements on services to the people.

I will give the people 30 days or less to observe the effects from these cancellations. Then I will announce new ones and permit them observation for perhaps another 30 days.

During these 60 days I want an intense information campaign begun, making the people understand that the objective of these measures is to phase out the use of all currency, and that thereafter their contribution in maintaining an orderly flow of goods and services is mandatory in return for having free access to basic essentials of life in housing, clothing, food, transportation, consumer goods, etc., as all cash tills and ATM’s will be removed and all banks closed permanently.

Tell the people that discipline will make it work for the good of all. I want the people to understand that access to consumer goods is both, a right, but also a privilege. A right in the sense that access cannot be denied without valid reasons, and a privilege in the sense that it cannot be demanded where supplies are limited or the distribution is unfair to others.

People must continue to work, the trains must keep rolling, power plants must not be shut down, factories must keep producing, farmers continue to plant and seed, houses must be built as needed, cars must be repaired by mechanics, and the refineries must continue to make fuel for cars, trucks, locomotives and airplanes.

And all of the above requires people to display reliability in performing all these tasks as though they were paid. I want them to learn from bees and ants. Where guidance is required, government officials will provide it and assure an orderly function of the liberated economic apparatus.

I thank you for your attention, Generals. You are now dismissed.

Updated Oct 25, 2020, 9:20 pm and republished February 17, 2021